Tis The Season To Be Hateful: Hanover Excludes Unvaccinated From Advent And Christmas Celebrations

A poster from Hanover, Germany has inspired me to start a new page at this site: My Corona Diaries, 2020s Germany. I don’t need to tell what it reminds me of.

I’ll be posting there from time to time to give readers some insight on the madness that’s sweeping across Austria and Germany. They’re talking about forced vaccination for adults now, I guess wanting to go back to the days before the Nuremberg Code.

Hopefully I won’t be seeing the same fate as Anne Frank, but already I’m already thinking about how to hide, or escape.

Here’s Germany’s latest move against the now very hated unvaccinated, in Hanover:

tis the season to be hateful hanover excludes unvaccinated from advent and christmas celebrations

Madness, hate and ignorance pervade over Christmas this year. Unvaccinated persons are forbidden to order food or drink at the traditional outdoor Christmas market in Hanover. “Whoever wishes to consume food or drinks must first provide proof of being fully vaccinated (geimpft) or being recovered (genesen). Passing on food or drink to persons who are neither vaccinated nor recovered is not allowed.”

Can you believe it? How small-minded can you get?

That’s how it all started with the Jews and gypsies in the 1930s. Following Austria, Germany is beginning to loose its bloody mind once again.

All that bottled up brown just wants to come gushing out.

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