Tory boasts on climate action are full of hot air | Letters

Michael Miller writes on the Conservatives’ record on tackling the climate crisis, while Dr Andy Higginbottom argues that both parties fail to acknowledge the real impact and Dr David Lowry says that nuclear power is not the panacea it’s made out to be

The letter from Conservative MPs listing their climate achievements makes rather sad reading (Letters, 17 October). Yes, they have done some positive things but the letter glosses over many problems.

The record investment in renewables and phase-out of coal power stations is largely a result of market forces because green measures have become much cheaper, and it was the Labour government that introduced the feed-in tariff leading to the huge growth in solar power. Setting a net-zero target is meaningless unless supported by action, and hosting the 2020 UN climate talks will probably simply produce more hot air than reduce CO2 .

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