Two Economists Warn Germany Will See “Completely Different Demonstrations” On Friday As Climate Hysteria Demolishes Industry

The German automobile industry today continues to be the real engine driving the country’s economy, but that may dramatically change for the worse – soon – according to economists Matthias Weik and Marc Friedrich in a commentary at the online news portal of the (German Midsize Companies News – DMN).

The two authors focus on the economic direction of the German economy and how it is seriously threatened by the country’s obsession with climate protection and how policymakers are neglecting its key industry: automobiles.

Weik and Friedrich say that German policymakers are naive, and are in the process of ruining the German economy in their panic to rescue the planet from an alleged climate meltdown.

“Everybody is talking about the climate, yet no one is talking about the economic climate,” Weik and Friedrich say.

“Hard as nails” recession threatens Germany

The two economists warn of a coming recession, one that will be “hard as nails” as the ecological activist onslaught on German industry picks up.

According to the Weik and Friedrich, already “the seasonally adjusted and real order intake of German industry fell by 8.6 percent compared to the same month last year! For the tenth month in a row it is going down!”

“Companies such as Deutsche Bank, BASF, Bayer, Siemens, Thyssen, Ford have begun “massive job cuts or announced plans to do so”.

The two authors say that new buzzwords, such as “unemployment” and “layoffs”, will soon be dominating the media and that “no one will talk about the shortage of skilled workers any more, let alone climate change”.

Climate activist policymakers “negligently gamble away” prosperity 

They write that the outlook for Germany’s key industry, automobiles, “is pitch-black” as the assault against the internal combustion engine continues unrelentingly.

The authors write: “If we actually continue to destroy our car industry – which accounts for 21 percent of our GDP – then everyone must be aware of the consequences.”

These consequences would mean economic shock waves not only for Germany, but also for Europe which massively relies on revenues generated by the German automotive industry, the authors explain.

Weik and Friedrich write that Germany’s policies “negligently gamble away” prosperity and that the “coming climate change in the economy will nip all irrelevant sham debates in the bud.”

“People in the streets”…”different demonstrations on Fridays”

They add: “The heated discussions and hysteria are a sign of the famous late Roman decadence and a warning sign of the crash. For many who demonstrate today, there will be no jobs in Germany tomorrow.”

Weik and Friedrich warn that as the “economic climate changes drastically and more and more people are standing in the streets without work […] we will see completely different demonstrations on Fridays. But then it will be too late.”

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