Unimpressed by airlines’ carbon offsetting | Letters

Patrick Cosgrove and Dr Stephen Wozniak respond to news that airlines are offering customers the option of offsetting the carbon emissions of their flights

Announcements by airlines that they will offset their carbon emissions (Can carbon offsets tackle airlines’ emissions problem?, 19 November) misleads passengers into thinking that they are doing something to stop the atmosphere overheating. They are not. All that is accomplished is no net increase in atmospheric CO2.

The message that needs to be conveyed is that far more offsetting is required to help reduce the upward trend in temperature. To double the calculation would be a good start. In the absence of carbon taxes or a frequent flyer levy, airlines (and cruise companies) should be required to inform passengers of this fact. It doesn’t matter too much whether the airline or the passengers pay, or if the cost is shared, as long as it happens.
Patrick Cosgrove
Chapel Lawn, Shropshire

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