US Justice Also Needs To Focus On Fabricated “NASA Climate Dossier” Which Aims To Frame CO2, Citizens

As it emerges the “Russia Affair” was based on a dossier of fabricated, phony data designed to wrongfully criminalize a President, it also has become clear that trace gas CO2 has been similarly set up using a phony climate dossier.

It too was made up – in great part by NASA.

Let’s hope the Department of Justice also pursues the cast of shady figures behind the “climate dossier” and that their “Day of Reckoning” is coming too.

Video explains NASA data forgery

When it comes to data manipulations, no one has worked as tirelessly as Tony Heller in gathering the evidence of all the wrongdoing going on within the US weather Agencies as they collude to rewrite the US temperature history in a manner that reminds us of George Orwell’s 1984.

In his latest video, “John Dillinger – An Early Victim Of Climate Change“, Tony Heller illustrates how global weather extremes were far worse in the 1930s than they are today, but are being deleted by NASA.

In his video, Heller, an expert software engineer, explains how we should think that scientists would want to try to understand why the weather back in 1934 went so off the rails as unprecedented drought ravaged the globe. However, today’s scientists are instead rewriting the data in order to cover up the extreme events of 1930s.

Straight out of Orwell’s Ministry of Truth”

For example, 1934 used to be the hottest year recorded in the US, hotter than 1998. But NASA scientists tampered with the data and made 1934 much cooler while fudging the 1998 data to be warmer (8:19 mark).

“They turned cooling into warming,” Heller says. “This is straight out of Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, rewriting the past.”

Why is this being done? Heller firmly believes that at NASA, it has everything to do with propaganda, and nothing to do with science.

“These people are not scientists; they’re propagandists pretending to be scientists, Heller says. “Actual scientists want to understand the past, not rewrite it.”

Running a racket

So blatant and rampant are the data alterations and history rewritings that Heller is compelled to compare the involved NASA scientists to 1930s Chicago gangsters. “We just have a different type of gangsters now. They dress in white lab coats, but basically they’re running the same racket,” says Heller.

Critics have been pointing out and documenting the known data alterations for years, so now is as good a time as any for the Department of Justice to investigate the data racket currently going on at NASA. Scientists are not above the law.

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