We won’t live.

I give up. I'm like the only one who thinks this is real in my school. While we are at it, any ideas to show that there used to be intelligent life here?

Anyone heard of "The Fermi Paradox"?

(Too lazy, didn't look it up): Its a question asking, "What is the probability of life on a planet? What about a galaxy? A Universe? What about intelligent life on a planet, galaxy, etc. It's just we don't know. This question was asked so we can possibly contact with other life forms.

So a theory behind this, is that extraterrestrials are like the human race, we tear eachother apart before we ever come into contact with other life forms.

Since I've given up trying to enforce it in my area, this got me thinking. If there are extraterrestrials that happen to not destroy themselves and come to earth, what should we leave behind? I'm thinking a way for them to understand the language somehow. Like a way to transfer any language, to our alphabet, then to words for them to translate with. If we are able to achieve this, what should we leave behind?

Unless everyone does their part and our planet survives, this post is useless.

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Updated: January 15, 2020 — 2:18 am

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