What about the middle east…

Recently I was thinking electric car charging stations and something hit mr "what about the middle east"

Now don't get me in the wrong way, I support that we need to change our ways on producing energy and machinery. But if we all have electric cars, it can bankrupt oil countries, mostly the middle east, like Saudi Arabia for example. They get most of there money by oil and nothing else.

Now I did the math. Each car needs around 120 kw for a full charge. Since each car need 30kw per 100 mile and an average electric car can travel 400 miles and soon 500+(keep in mind if u think I'm wrong let me know, I got this info from google) now fastned a fast charging company in Europe charges cars for 300 miles in 15 min. Meaning around 90 kw in 5 mins.

I couldn't find anything about how they do it all i found out is that they deliver 50 kw and the rest i failed to understand what they meant (I'm sorry). But I belive it has something to do with their cables.

But aleast we have a number. Now the US has 175 000 gas cars. Now if we turn all of them into electric that means each day a car will need 120 kw. Meaning oil countries would need to provide 21 million Kw which is 21,000,000,000 watts. And that's one country. Now delivering it won't be a problem but producing will be.

Now if we figure out how much energy is needed we could charge up batteries and send them to charging stations yo keep oil countries from going bankrupt.

I thought of many ways and I myself live in a middle eastern country, which is UAE. I thought about solar and geothermal. Now the problem with geothermal is that it requires the deep surface. No if u live in the UAE u k ow that there is no sewer. So the chances of geothermal will have to be canceled. Now solar. Solar is a good option for making energy and selling that energy. Solar panels create 400 w.

The UAE trades 3M barrels perday which is 126,000,000 gallons. Now a normal car uses around 16 gallons of fuel. So if we compare 16 gallons and 12 watts. That means the uae will have to power 7.9 million cars (globally). Multiplying with 120 means creating 952,500,000 watts per day.

Now if solar panels make 400 w per hr that means it creates 9.6k watts per day. Meaing the UAE would need 99.2k solar panels to keep up. I'm not sure about space but that is alot of space needed plus to even power the batteries.

Now thats my solution, if u have any criticism please go easy im still just in High School. Just tell me if there's a problem so I can try correcting or try to solve the problem. Or if u have any other solutions let me know.

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