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Sarah Barfield Marks of 10:10 Climate Action on the inclusion of information in weather reports, Chris Hughes on corporate obstructionists, and Ann Bliss and Jackie Farley on the damage flying causes and the perverse incentives to carry on doing it

The UK baked in another record-breaking heatwave last weekend, which was made at least five times more likely by (Report, 3 July). Weather bulletins are naturally the first point of information for events like these. They provide us with the information we need to act, whether that’s keeping our children indoors on extremely hot days or taking our umbrella to work when it’s expected to rain.

As gathers pace, dangerous weather is expected to rise in frequency. We once chose only how to respond to the weather. We now face profound choices that will define how the weather responds to us. Given that, and what is at stake, it surely makes sense that broadcasters communicate the best understanding of how is disrupting our weather – and is expected to disrupt it further still if left unchecked. With that understanding we can make the collective choices needed to preserve the fragile ecological balance that sustains us.

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