What can we as individuals and big companies do to slow down global warming?

Places in the North-West US and Canada West Coast have shattered temperature records by a wide margin. It's insane how hot those places can get. It's pretty clear we're feeling the effects of global warming. I heard in another thread that despite being on Covid lockdown, more fuel is being burned. Any reason for that?

Realistically what can we as individuals do to slow it down? I mean I don't use that much electricity and water + I only take the bus or walk. What about for big companies? Are any big companies trying to do something about it? It's crazy to think that despite living in an era of social media where we can get our point across, we're still warming the earth faster than 20+ years ago. I remembered in grade school this was talked about every year and we'd have full assemblies on that. You'd think people would listen more but nope. Why? Is it because being environmentally friend is less convenient for your daily routine?

Sorry for rant. I don't live in those places with the 40-50C heat wave but I certainly feel bad for them.

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Updated: June 30, 2021 — 8:56 pm

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