When should we sell our house and flee Florida?

These days, whenever it rains (which is every day in the summer) the water sits in a small lagoon in our front yard, for about a week after it stops raining. I noticed the whole street is now like this. We live on a creek that connects to Tampa Bay, at high tide that creek is now a good ten feet up onto the grass in our backyard. The feels like temp has been over 90 for about two month everyday. Some days 110. I am a spearfisherman my whole life, the reefs in the gulf are mostly dead, I do not see the same fish I saw when I dove with my Dad in the early 90's. I see maybe a third of what used to be out there. Ray's, eagle Ray's, manta Ray's, flounder, a lot of the grouper and a shit ton of the coral are basically gone. The water itself is not the same color, often yellow/green, sometimes red. We deal with at least one hurricane a year. I lived through Irma, Florence, Ivan, Charlie, Flo, Michael, Elaina, Andrew, Irene, and my house was levelled by a tornado in October 94. We could make a profit if it we dumped our house now, my question is how long will this be true until our home is unsellable and everybody realizes what's going on. Five years?

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Updated: July 21, 2019 — 7:46 pm

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