Why does no one talk about the collapse of our last energy buffer?? I see a huge disaster here.

Why does no one talk about the multiplier of 80 (!!) between the specific heat and the enthalpy of fusion (melting ice) of water?? I see a huge disaster here.

So, lets "assume" there is some (gigajoules of) energy trapped here on earth each year.

The ice caps are obviously melting.

But: the amount of energy is 80 TIMES BIGGER for 1 kg of ice to melt, than it is needed for 1 kg (litre) of water to heat up 1 degree celsius.

So, when all the ice is melted, the next year the same amount of water, which has melted the last year, heats up by 80 DEGREES CELSIUS (144 F).

Why is no one talking about this? The ice is our last "buffer", which eats up extreme amounts of trapped energy to melt. But once its gone, its game over.

PLease someone tell me that I am wrong somewhere 🙂

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Updated: January 23, 2020 — 9:16 pm

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