. . . Why even a Trillion new Trees won’t save us now !!

The recommended action of "Planting billions of new trees", essentially means eventually having grown-up Trees start filtering all the excess CO2 away ('cuz young baby trees/plants won't, even a billion new ones, won't make the desired impact).

The problem with that is :

  1. Trees provide a temporary sequestration of Carbon only. A trillion trees (e.g.) would mean billions of dead trees in a few decades (with infections, climate change, and age) –> dead trunks/branches/leaves … makes up the peat which is one of the primary self-reinforcing feedback loop adding Carbon back into the atmosphere. (Plus occasionally, there are forest fires).
  2. CO2 is NOT the only greenhouse gas … CH4, NO2 and H2O(vap) are Far Far more potent greenhouse gases. And :
  • Trees Do Not Clean NO2 and CH4 – increasing with the increase in polar clathrate decomposition
  • Trees do not reduce H2O vapour from the global atmosphere — And since the Ocean is a giant battery storing heat, every year we've been seeing an increase in the amount of H20vap over diff geographies. +

But more importantly:: the Abrupt Climate change (especially with the Clathrates melting in the polar regions) has now picked up so much momentum , that the next major el niño event year we have (which could very likely be 2020), we shall see so much heat around the mid-latitudes, that nearly all Rice and Wheat/barley crops would fail. With that heavy grain shortages, you can say goodbye to our Industrial civilization, as countries start to fail / break-up … like dominos



So we don't got no time left no more! .. (to spend all that effort, fuel on a large-scale tree plantation scheme.) … Just prepare our own villages and communities and families for the upcoming fall.

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Updated: July 22, 2019 — 3:50 pm

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