Wildfires Spike Every Fourth Of July, When Americans Celebrate “Independence”

Just a couple of anecdotes today…

Happy 4th of July everyone, though personally I don’t there’s really much left to celebrate anymore. Government lockdowns and social media censoring of legitimate opposing opinions remind me of Cold War time Communist countries. We’re not free anymore, and so celebrating “freedom” is a bit of joke.

Independence Day is not only a misnomer and thus meaningless, it’s also only leading to a lot of needless forest fires, and so we might just as well abolish it altogether. German journalist Axel Bojanowski tweeted a fascinating chart showing the number of western forest fires near homes.

wildfires spike every fourth of july when americans celebrate independence

Humans cause the vast majority of fires especially on the fourth of July when fireworks are set off.

Also note the spikes near Memorial Day and Labor Day, a popular time for cookouts and picnics.

Don’t trust science

On another note, Germany’s candidate to be the next chancellor, Armin Laschet of the centre-right CDU party, recently made a comment that gives us hope conservative politicians might be coming to their senses.

Mr. Laschet warned of the smart-sounding but dumb advice we’ve been hearing a lot lately: “Follow the science!”

Mr. Laschet:

I seldom agree with the AfD, actually never, but they said a sentence today that is true: Every time someone comes and says “the science says”, you are wise to question what they are up to.”

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