So… today I was pooping and something crossed my mind. Do we really need to use toilet paper? I mean we don't poop correctly. We don't poop the way we were supposed to – in a squat position. If you squat poop, you really don't need to use toilet paper. So I started wondering: how much would a person save up on average; How many trees would you save; is it more hygienic?… I did some calculations and the results were actually quite surprising. Let's say you poop once a day (the poop frequency obviously varies from person to person). A person on average uses about 8.6 sheets of TP per poop. Let's say a roll has 150 sheets. An average roll costs about $0.84 (0.78EUR). A pack usually contains 8 rolls. That means: a person uses about 11 rolls per month and spends $10 (9.24 EUR). So… you use about 132 rolls per year. Now if one roll costs $0.84 that means that you would save up $110.88 (102.96EUR) yearly. Quite a bit… But okay, that's just money… so why did I come to the GLOBAL WARMING community then? Because, my dear friends, 1 tree is capable of producing 1500 rolls of TP. Now if you wouldn't use those 132 rolls per year… You'd save and eleventh of a tree. Doesn't seem like a lot, does it? But if just 100 people would start squat pooping, they would save around 9 TREES… Now think about it: imagine half of the world would start squat pooping. The impact would be HUGE. Imagine how much money countries would save up and how many trees we could save. It all depends on us. Thank you very much for reading this. I hope that I opened a new way of thinking for you. Peace out 🙂

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