Climate Scare Story Gets Doused…Global Wildfires Have Declined Since NASA Began Recording Data

Despite media claims of increasing wildfires across the globe, data show the opposite is in fact the case: wildfires have been trending downwards since NASA started recording data.

Two days ago Kenneth wrote about how paleoclimatological findings suggested wild fires in Australia and the northwestern US raged with greater frequency and regularity until 500 to 900 years ago, when fire records rapidly declined to the present.

Next, reader Zoe here added that this has been the case as well in recent history as well.

Alarmists avoid question: “More fires or less fires?”

At her site, Zoe writes how alarmist researchers seem obsessed with the length of the fire season, warmer temperatures, greater evaporation etc., yet avoid the question: “Is there more or less fire?”

So Zoe plotted the data on active fires that NASA has collected daily since 2000. Here’s the result:

climate scare story gets dousedglobal wildfires have declined since nasa began recording data

Global wildfires have been trending downwards so fat this century. Chart: Zoe Phin Data: NASA

Zoe writes: “Now it all makes sense. Climate scammers need to cherrypick locations and seasons in order to distract from the empirical truth that global fires have been decreasing. Disgusting.”

Far lower threat today

Digging a bit further, we also find data from an AGU publication going back to 1901, tweeted by Danish statistician Björn Lomborg:

climate scare story gets dousedglobal wildfires have declined since nasa began recording data 1

Wildfires globally were certainly a much scarier threat back 100 years ago than they are today.

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