‘Utterly his own right’ for Scott Morrison to commit to net zero, Barnaby Joyce says

Liberals and Nationals increasingly confident the Coalition is moving towards agreement on climate pivot Follow our live blog for the latest updates Get our free news app; get our morning email briefing Barnaby Joyce has acknowledged that Scott Morrison can commit Australia to a new net zero target without the endorsement of the Nationals’ party […]

Noam Chomsky on how to solve the climate crisis | Eftertryk Magazine | Oct 8 2021

noam chomsky on how to solve the climate crisis eftertryk magazine oct 8 2021 - Noam Chomsky on how to solve the climate crisis | Eftertryk Magazine | Oct 8 2021

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2001-2019 Warming Driven By Increases In Absorbed Solar Radiation, Not Human Emissions

Three new studies affirm the increase in absorbed solar radiation associated with decreased reflection by clouds (albedo) has been the “root cause” of the positive Earth Energy Imbalance and global warming since the early 2000s. Scientists (Loeb et al., 2021) have determined the rather uncertain positive trend in Earth’s Energy Imbalance (EEI) from 2005 to […]

European activists want to ban fossil fuel ads. Why can’t we do that here?

Greenpeace E.U. and 20 other environmental organizations launched a new campaign this month demanding a European Union–wide ban on fossil fuel advertisements. The groups’ proposal would not only prohibit the promotion of coal, oil, gas, gasoline-powered vehicles, airplanes, and so-called “false solutions” — like unrealistic paths to decarbonization — but it would also stop oil […]

Australian politics live: Qld announces reopening plan; Victoria records 1,903 Covid cases, NSW 265; Berejiklian Icac hearings begin

Queensland announces reopening plan; Liberals hear climate plan; Victoria and NSW release Covid numbers; Tasmania snap lockdown to end tonight; Icac hearings begin into Gladys Berejiklian; Barnaby Joyce ‘hopes’ climate won’t split the Coalition. Question time begins in Canberra. Follow the latest updates live Nationals fail to reach agreement on 2050 emissions reductions Australia could […]

Going Green With Your Energy For The Future

going green with your energy for the future - Going Green With Your Energy For The Future

Read this article so you can use less energy at home. Lower heating costs with solar heating systems for your pools or hot tubs. Traditional gas and electricity are not that efficient, but solar-powered water heaters glean the sun’s natural energy to maintain even temperatures. While a few of the upgrades are costlier up front, […]

September Mean Temps In Northern Europe See Little Change Over Past Decades…Snow, Frost Arrive

By Kirye and Pierre Today we look at September mean temperatures at the stations across northern Europe for which the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) have enough data. We find fall is not being pushed back as we should expect in a warming world. The JMA has published the data for September and again we see a […]

The Nationals won’t support a much tougher 2030 emissions target, Barnaby Joyce says

Junior Coalition party is being briefed on Morrison government’s climate policy proposal by minister Angus Taylor The Nationals leader, Barnaby Joyce, has suggested it is “highly unlikely” his party will agree to Australia significantly increasing its 2030 emissions reductions target, ahead of a party room meeting to discuss the Morrison government’s climate policy. The Liberal […]

Could someone link me to an article that is in favor of global warming skepticism?

I have to play devils advocate for a writing assignment, but cannot really find any genuine articles that claim global warming is a hoax, or exaggerated etc… I would assume fossil fuel conglomerates have lobbied some articles, and those would be by and large the easiest to refute in my essay, so if you know […]

Robert Koch Institute Latest Data: One Third Of Recent Age 60+ COVID Deaths In Germany Were Fully Vaccinated!

Russian state German language RT news site here looks at just how effective the COVID vaccines have been in Germany over the last 4 weeks, citing data from official institutes, and finds the German government is misleading the public.  Alarming number of COVID deaths in Germany are fully vaccinated persons. Cropped from RT here. False […]