My thoughts and feelings about global warming

I'm sick of it, its real and you can see it everywhere.

I can't just stop looking it up on the internet then forget about it because its everywhere I look now, to deny global warming at this point requires living in a bubble of delusional safety.
Winters in the UK are not really cold anymore, it feels like early-mid Spring, last years winter was generally very mild too, the summers have been really hot, its all been happening very fast since the last few years. Can't forget about it.

I don't feel like I have anything worth living for anymore, I don't want to see my family suffer and worst yet there is nothing I can do to stop that in the end, its all going to get much worse much faster and like I said there is no future there is only now. Feels like I've been diagnosed with a Terminal illness but worse yet everybody has it, most people try very hard not to think about it and look for any scrap for reassurance. Reassurance causes inaction.

Because of global warming I now welcome death with open arms, I wouldn't say that I'm suicidal because I am depressed but because I see no other good option. But I would only commit suicide when the shit really hits the fan while my loved ones will understand and support my choice, I would not do it while my loved ones have hope because I don't want to make it worse for them. But then again this is my life so I'm still undecided.
At this point if death comes then perfect, if I am diagnosed with terminal cancer then perfect, but all I can do now is to plan long-term since I do not want a spontaneous and painful death. Still got time to make my mind up about it anyway.

I just hate how global warming took everything away from us, our purpose, our hope and future, we just can't comprehend what global warming is about to do. Its going to be very very bad. I want out before it gets to that point.

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