Technology Advice For Someone Interested In Green Energy

technology advice for someone interested in green energy - Technology Advice For Someone Interested In Green Energy

What will green energy do for you? What ways are some things that you to be involved? Keep reading for a few easy secrets that will assist you in doing your part. You can reduce the amount of electricity that you use, and be a better energy user by removing chargers that power your devices […]

Joe Biden to reveal US emissions pledge in key climate crisis moment

President will also call on major economies to join him in bold action at virtual summit of 40 world leaders So what has the rest of the world promised to do about climate change? Joe Biden faces a key test of his commitment to climate action this week, when he sets out his core plans […]

So Far Germany Seeing Coldest April In 104 Years, Second Coldest Since 1881, Snowiest Since 1986

It’s been a really frosty April this year across Central Europe. Germany so far has seen it’s second coldest April since records began in 1881. Hat-tip: Snowfan Coldest since 1917 April across much of Europe has been unusually cold, frosty and even snowy, and the media have been awfully quiet about it. The following chart […]

US and China commit to cooperating on climate crisis

World’s biggest polluters release joint commitment to climate action following John Kerry visit to Shanghai The US and China have “committed to cooperating” on the pressing issue of climate change, the two sides said in a joint statement on Saturday, following a visit to Shanghai by US climate envoy John Kerry. “The United States and […]

The Dawn Of The E-Vehicle Battery Environmental Disaster …Discarded Even Sooner Than Expected

When it comes to lithium-ion e-vehicles and the environmentalist greens and profiteers: They know it’s a disaster. We know it’s a disaster. They know that we know that they know it’s a disaster. But they still pretend it isn’t.* The huge environmental problems of e-cars are emerging Now it’s beginning to dawn on the greens: […]

First GMO mosquitoes to be released in the Florida Keys

This story was originally published by Undark and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. This spring, the biotechnology company Oxitec plans to release genetically modified, or GM, mosquitoes in the Florida Keys. Oxitec says its technology will combat dengue fever, a potentially life-threatening disease, and other mosquito-borne viruses — such as Zika — mainly transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. While […]

Green Energy Advice That Can Help You Out

green energy advice that can help you out - Green Energy Advice That Can Help You Out

Whether you know it or not, all the things that you do have an effect in the environment. There are ways to use green energy that will help your home to make things better for the environment. The following tips will give you how to use green energy. You could easily have solar panels in […]

Environment minister Sussan Ley says climate action not her portfolio in stoush with states

Ley understood to have told state counterparts coordinating with them on climate mitigation beyond her portfolio The environment minister, Sussan Ley, has rebuffed a push by her state counterparts to be kept in the loop about the Morrison government’s plans for climate action ahead of international talks in Glasgow in November – telling them she […]

Goodbye, old freeways? How subtraction could address climate change

As the coronavirus pandemic ravaged the country last year, then-candidate Joe Biden pushed one message again and again: “Build Back Better.” The phrase now lends its name to the White House’s massive, multi-pronged proposal to help the country recover from the COVID-induced recession, tackle climate change, and bring the country’s railroads, bridges, and water pipes […]

Scientists look for the Holy Grail: The whitest paint ever

White roofs are one of those climate solutions that sound too good to be true. Compared to solar panels and electric cars, painting the roof of a building white is a suspiciously cheap, analog way to usher in a low-carbon future. But it works — white roofs reflect sunlight back into space rather than absorbing […]