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Germany Electricity Prices Soar To World Record Highs After Years Of Energy Policy Folly…Expensive, Unreliable

Germany’s power supply, once mostly made up of a mixture of coal and nuclear power, used to be among the most stable and affordable in the world. Power outages were rare and grid interventions were infrequent. German consumer electricity prices shot up to 36.19 euro-cents per kilowatt-hour while blackouts threaten.  Greens and socialists then tried […]

Green Wrecking Ball: Germany Clearing “Undisturbed” 1000-Year Old Forest, Make Way For Massive Wind Park

Germany’s government has not only taken a wrecking ball to the nation in terms of COVID, but also to its biodiversity in its self-deluded bid to protect the climate.  Clearing of 2000 hectares in one of the last undisturbed forests has begun as State of Hesse issues the construction approval for massive industrial wind park.  […]

KTM CEO Pierer: “Electric Mobility Is Nonsense Promoted By Politicians With No Technical Knowledge”

Combustion engines will be around long after 2035, says Austrian KTM CEO…”500-kg battery to substitute 20 liters of fuel” …”a stupid idea” …”phony sustainability”… Stefan Pierer, the Austrian CEO of KTM Group, recently told SpeedWeek.com here: “Electromobility is nonsense promoted by politicians with no technical knowledge.” KTM CEO Stefan Pierer. Image cropped at KTM.de The […]

Climate Activists Love Their “Brilliant” Ideas…Until They Actually Have To Live Them. Harmon’s E-Car “Nightmare”

Another case of a Green dreams clashing with bitter reality It’s always entertaining to watch green activists promote their ideas as being brilliant – so much so that the rest of us are often just too stupid to understand them – and then watch them piss and moan about how lousy these ideas and schemes […]

Global Coal Consumption Reaches New Record High In 2021…China, India Consuming Two Thirds

According to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Coal 2021 report, coal-fired electricity generation reached an all-time high in 2021, increasing a whopping 9% in 2021. Chart source: IEA The increase was driven by the rapid economic recovery. Globally, a total of 10,350 terawatt-hours of electricity was generated from coal. Even worse in terms of the […]

Finland’s Greens Welcome EU’s Classification Of Nuclear As “Sustainable”. Berlin “On The Wrong Track”

While Germany recklessly continues to reject nuclear power – Finland welcomes it.  The parliamentary group leader of the Finnish Greens Atte Harjanne thinks EU classifying nuclear energy as a sustainable energy source is right and in WELT AM SONNTAG (WAMS) he explains why his party has dropped its anti-nuclear stance and why he thinks Germany […]

German Household Electricity Prices Reach New Record High In 2021…Share Of Green Electricity Falls!

The German Association for Energy and Water Management (BDEW) recently presented the latest 2021 Energy Supply Annual Report as a PowerPoint presentation. New record high price for electricity In the presentation, slide no. 55 depicts the average household electricity costs in euro-cents per kilowatt-hour, for a home consuming 3500 kwh annually. Electricity price [euro-cents] per […]

Germany’s New Government Plans To Use 10% Of Country’s Land Area For Wind Turbines

Germany’s coalition agreement and the 2% target for wind energy By Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (Text translated/edited by P. Gosselin) After the phase-out of nuclear energy at the end of 2023, the coalition agreement aims to bring forward the phase-out of coal, “Ideally, this already would be achieved by 2030“. To this end, renewable energies are […]

“Slow Disaster Playing Out” As Germany Moves To Shut Down 8.5 GW Of Baseload Nuclear Capacity

At FaceBook, Dane Peter Bardland presents a chart and commentary on Germany’s upcoming rapid nuclear power phaseout. By the end of 2022, the government will have shut down another 6 plants with a total (baseload) capacity of 8.54 gigawatts! Chart: Presented by Peter Bardland Yesterday we commented here that Germany will in fact be shutting […]