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Energy Experts Warn Of “A Catastrophic Energy Emergency” If German Leaders Don’t Wake Up To Reality

Swiss publicist Roland Tichy hosted a discussion round with three energy experts: former Hamburg Senator for the Environment Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt, Albert Duin, medium-sized entrepreneur and member of the Bavarian state parliament, and Frank Hennig, an expert for power plants and energy conversion. Image cropped from Tichy’s Einblick Currently Germany is struggling with its Energiewende […]

New Documentary Reveals How Corrupt And Destructive Green Energies Are: “This Is A Broken System”

The green energy future is not green at all, a stunning new documentary shows how corrupt and destructive it is to our environment. A former KPMG employee in London realizes that the green energy movement is corrupt throughout. “The whole time things started feeling funny. It was like a glitch. It’s like, this doesn’t feel […]

Baden-Württemberg Government Announces Plans To Clear Cut State Forest, Build 1000 Turbines

Dystopian nature protection….500 wind turbines in state forests, millions of tons of concrete and steel…deforestation, permanently destroyed biotopes. A large part of southwestern Germany’s idyllic natural landscape is about to be industrialized by 1000 “environmentally friendly” wind turbines. ===================================== Germany faces an ecological dystopia. Image: Windwahn.  How wind power endangers Germany’s nature and the health […]

Power Grid Expert Warns: “Signs Being Ignored” As Europe’s Grid Teeters On The Brink

Power grid expert Herbert Saurugg warns at RiskNet that European authorities continue to ignore danger signals even after another grid disruption occurred in the afternoon of July 24th and left around 2 million people in France, Spain and Portugal briefly without electricity. It was the second major disruption in the last 7 months. The root […]

German Wind Power Consumption Plummets 20% In First Half 2021… Coal Power Consumption Jumps 38%!

What would we do without coal? The first half of 2021 saw a massive 20% drop in wind power consumption in Germany…while “coal power saw a renaissance.” In the latest climate video, Die kalte Sonne cites a variety of electric utility companies and electric power trade associations concerning electric power consumption in Germany for the […]

“Horror Trip”: German Retired Couple Need 26 HOURS To Make 765 Km Vacation Trip In E-Car

A trip that would normally take 7 hours without refueling in a diesel engine car, ended up lasting 26 hours in an e-car. A German retired couple’s “horror trip” …”creepy parking lot” late at night… Journalist Jonas Raab at the German Merkur reports on the horror vacation trip a retired German couple had to endure […]

171 Scientists: CO2 Budget Of Electric Mobility “Twice As Big As Assumed” By European Leaders

171 scientists say European policymakers have grossly miscalculated the CO2 budget of e-cars in 2030 and that in reality CO2 emitted would be MORE THAN TWICE AS HIGH as assumed: EU Commission head Ursula von der Leyen and her colleagues recently received an open letter drafted by scientists of the International Association of Sustainable Drivetrain […]

Business Daily ‘Handelsblatt’ Reports Germany Gripped By Electricity Price Shock…”Driven By CO2 Price”

Germany’s flagship online business daily “Handelsblatt” here reports on the country’s “electricity price shock” as the  cost of electricity “is climbing ever higher “. “Energy policymakers are sounding the alarm,” reports the Handelsblatt. In the late 1990s, German electricity prices were falling before the country passed the EEG green energy feed-in act in 2000. Since […]

As Globe Cools, Snow And Cold Return. German Post Electric Delivery Vehicles And Mail Go Up In Flames

Not long ago, Dr. Roy Spencer posted the latest satellite Lower Troposphere Temperature as measured by satellite. Over the most recent years we have seen global temperatures drop. And we also see signs cooling is putting the brakes on global ice melt and temperature rises, which, by the way, many scientists have linked to natural […]

Power Grid Operators, Experts And Federal Audit Office Warn Of Blackouts As Coal, Nuclear Get Phased Out

As wildly fluctuating, weather-dependent green energies come increasingly online, German grid operators and the German Federal Audit Office are warning the German government of power blackouts. But the government is ignoring the warnings and continues to insist everything is fine. Grid operator 50Hertz, for example, warns of energy shortages as Germany continues to shut down […]