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New Reconstructions Show It Is Colder Now Than At Any Time In The Last 10,000 Years

Scientists continue to find regions of the world where modern “global” warming has not occurred. Sea surface temperatures (SSTs) in the South Atlantic (south of South Africa) and Southern Ocean (New Zealand) are colder today than they have been at any time in the last 12,500 years (Shuttleworth et al., 2021). SSTs were multiple degrees […]

New Study: High Arctic Canada’s Early Holocene Winter Air Temperatures Were ‘6-8°C Warmer Than Today’

The Canadian Arctic’s surface temperatures have been up to 15 to 25°C warmer than today during the geologically recent Holocene, Pleistocene, and Pliocene epochs. Scientists (Campbell-Heaton et al., 2021) assessing the ratio of winter temperature at the ground surface to that in the air (the “freezing n-factor”) suggest ground surface winter temperatures now (1981-2016) average […]

Reality Jolt: Arctic September Minimum Sea Ice Extent Trend RISING Over Past 10 Years – Norwegian Data

Norwegian data show September minimum Arctic sea ice has risen over the past 10 years, contradicting earlier predictions of a death spiral By Kirye and Pierre Friday NTZ posted on Arctic sea ice extent. This year Arctic sea ice has just about reached its minimum. and so we plot the new data (see below). Substantial […]

Stalled: September Arctic Sea Remains Surprisingly Stable Over Past Decade, “Long Way From Predicted “Ice Free”

This year’s Arctic sea ice minimum reaches third highest level in a decade, latest data show. Die kalte Sonne here presents its latest climate video. The first part looks at this year’s Arctic sea ice melt season. Now that it’s September, sea ice extent has just about reached its minimum for the year and soon […]

Scientists Increasingly Agree The Last Ice Age Temperatures Were ~3-4°C Warmer Than Today’s

In a “major revision” to the “long-standing view,” scientists are increasingly concluding the last glacial had summers “several degrees” warmer than today, with climate conditions warm enough to allow year-round grass grazing by horses, antelope, gazelle…in Siberia, Alaska, and north of the Arctic circle. Multiple degrees warmer glacial temperatures pervaded both hemispheres. The “long-standing view” […]

Climate crisis: Siberian heatwave led to new methane emissions, study says

Leak of potent greenhouse gas is currently small but further research is urgently needed, say scientists The Siberian heatwave of 2020 led to new methane emissions from the permafrost, according to research. Emissions of the potent greenhouse gas are currently small, the scientists said, but further research is urgently needed. Analysis of satellite data indicated […]

Large Herbivores Grazed On Grass Year-Round In The Arctic When CO2 Was 180 ppm. Now They Cannot.

A new study reports that during Pleistocene cold stages, when CO2 concentrations dipped below 200 ppm, Arctic Siberia had much more fertile soil and productive vegetation than exists today. Extensive grassland ecosystems could sustain year-round grazers: horses, mammoths, bison. Today this region’s large herbivores must be fed by humans to secure survival due to extremely […]

Seal Numbers Increased 700% Since The 1970s – But Models Project Future Declines Due To Sea Ice Loss

Sea ice has been declining in the Canadian North Atlantic since the 1970s, and yet the harp seal population has been estimated to have risen from a little over 1 million in 1971 to about 7.5 million in 2012 to 2019. But model projections suggest the seal populations will decrease in the future due to…declining […]

Johan Rockström: ‘We need bankers as well as activists… we have 10 years to cut emissions by half’

The eminent Earth scientist argues that we cannot just wait for the world order to change when it comes to tackling the climate crisis – we all have a duty to act now Johan Rockström is one of the world’s most influential Earth scientists. As director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, he […]

Scientists Again Affirm Natural Warmings Of 5–16?°C In ‘A Few Decades’ Can Be ‘Entirely Unforced’

A new study asserts that when Greenland naturally warms by multiple degrees per decade, this “abrupt climate variability can result entirely from unforced or noise-induced oscillations of the coupled atmosphere-ice-ocean system.” This means the recent modest climate changes for Greenland may easily fall within the scope of an unforced natural variability pattern. In the last […]