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Heatwaves at each of Earth’s posts alert weather researchers

Heatwaves at each of Earth's posts alert weather researchers

Antarctic places arrive at 40C over ordinary at very same opportunity as northern rod areas attacked 30C over typical amounts Surprising heatwaves at each of Earth’s rods are actually triggering alert amongst temperature researchers, that have actually cautioned the “extraordinary” celebrations could possibly signify faster and also sudden weather breakdown.Temperatures in Antarctica arrived at document […]

Could Ukraine battle assistance finish west’s dependence on hydrocarbons?

Could Ukraine battle assistance finish west's dependence on hydrocarbons?

Russian infiltration draws away interest yet might paradoxically aid press globe in the direction of cleaner future, state specialists Russia-Ukraine battle: most current updates Russia’s infiltration of Ukraine are going to possess a great effect on the realm’s nationality to get to internet no green house gasoline discharges, environment professionals have actually advised– however it […]

Climate History Researcher: Arctic Ice Sees 18-Year High For January 3rd…Also More Ice Than 100 Years Ago!

Arctic sea ice refuses to melt…there’s more ice today in some Arctic regions than 100 years ago.  Climate science skeptic rock star Tony Heller of realclimatecscience.com presents more inconvenient data on Arctic sea ice. Ice levels are perfectly within the normal range of the past 100 years. Arctic sea ice data reaches 18-year high for […]

Arctic Ocean Warming Began Already In Early 20th Century, Meaning Natural Factors Strongly At Play, Not CO2

In a recent paper, scientists expressed their surprise that the Arctic had started warming already back in the early 20th century, 100 years ago. This, along with the obligatory CO2 climate warming lip service, is described in a Cambridge University press release. Hat-tip: Die kalte Sonne ================================== Arctic Ocean started getting warmer decades earlier than […]

More Evidence: Glaciers Existing Today Were Absent For Nearly All Of The Last 10,000 Years

The cryosphere is failing to cooperate with the anthropogenic global warming narrative that says rising greenhouse gas emissions should be catastrophically melting Arctic ice. Scientists (O’Regan et al., 2021) report Ryder Glacier in north Greenland has advanced 2,881 m from 1948-2015 given its advancing rate of 43 m/yr-1. Its modern ice extent is about 50 […]

New Study: Northern North Atlantic Sea Ice Cover No Less In 2000 CE Than In 1600s – 1800s CE

The northern North Atlantic’s sea ice records derived from ice cores and marine sediments consistently affirm there was far less sea ice during the Early/Mid Holocene than in 2000 CE. Even 17th to 19th century sea ice coverage was similar to (or less than) today’s. A 2020 study (Geirsdóttir et al.) indicated peak Holocene warmth […]

Making predictions with the CMIP6 ensemble

The CMIP6 multi-model ensemble is a unique resource with input from scientists and modeling groups from around the world. [CMIP stands for the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project, and it is now in its 6th Phase]. But as we’ve discussed before (#NotAllModels) there are some specific issues that require users to be cautious in making predictions. […]

NASA Data On Global Sea Ice Area Shows A Growth Equal To The Size Of Belgium Since 1982!

Global Sea Ice Area Data analyst Zoe Phin just posted some interesting, surprising results on global sea ice area. Data sources like the National Snow and Ice Data Center show global sea ice has been” drastically decreasing for a long time” and so we need to panic and overhaul the entire carbon economy. We hear this […]

There Has Been No Trend In A ‘Key Holistic Variable Indicating Climate Change’ Since 2001

The Greenland end-of-melt-season snowline should presumably be exhibiting a trend consistent with consequential Greenland ice sheet melt, especially an increase in the bare ice area. Yet, consistent with the recent non-warming trend for Greenland, there has been no statistically significant linear trend in these key climate change metrics. The Polar Portal Arctic tracking website includes […]

New Study: There Was Less Arctic Sea Ice In The 1700s-1800s Than From 2002-2006

Paleoclimate data indicate there was less Arctic sea ice during the pre-industrial period than in modern times, or when CO2 concentrations were 100 ppm lower than today (280 vs. 380 ppm). Scientists (Diamond et al., 2021) assert that during the 18th and 19th centuries Arctic sea ice extent minimum (September) values averaged 5.54 million km². […]