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A Florida city wanted to move away from fossil fuels. The state just made sure it couldn’t.

This reporting by Grist and ADAPT is a collaboration in partnership with Floodlight. In January, Tampa was set to become the 12th city in Florida to set a climate goal to transition to 100 percent clean energy. But that was before the natural gas industry and Republican state lawmakers got involved.  Tampa City Councilman Joseph […]

What Tesla has to do with the Solyndra loan scandal

A little over a decade ago, Solyndra was the hottest thing in solar power. Solyndra was so exciting that then-President Barack Obama, who was trying to create green jobs while pulling the country out of the financial crisis, decided to give the company a $535 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy. Within two […]

Carbon IOUs? A new plan to make companies pay back their climate debt

The math of climate change is unforgiving. Scientists estimate that the world can only emit a few hundred billion metric tons more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere before crossing a significant threshold: warming of 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels. That’s the limit nations decided to strive for under the Paris Agreement. […]

Renting clothes is ‘less green than throwing them away’

This story was originally published by The Guardian and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. A study has revealed that renting clothes, long touted as one of the “answers” to fashion’s sustainability crisis, is worse for the planet than throwing them away. The study, published by the Finnish scientific journal Environmental Research […]

The feds just threw a wrench into Enbridge’s plan to keep Line 5 running

Under the turbulent waters of the Great Lakes, a 68-year-old pipeline is transporting 540,000 barrels of crude oil each day, despite Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s order that Enbridge Energy shut down the pipeline by May 12.  For several years, one of Enbridge’s main arguments for continuing to operate the pipeline, Line 5, was that it […]

10 jobs that will help shape a zero-emissions future

This story is part of the series Getting to Zero: Decarbonizing Cascadia, which explores the path to low-carbon energy for British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon. This project is produced in partnership with InvestigateWest and other media outlets and is supported in part by the Fund for Investigative Journalism. If any bioregion is well-suited to streak towards a net-zero […]

Ban Ki-moon wants to solve the climate crisis with kindness

On video chat, Ban Ki-moon is almost preternaturally kind. “Thank you for your interest in my life story and my philosophy,” he says, smiling serenely. At 76, the former secretary-general of the United Nations — who completed his final term in December 2016 — still wears the rimless glasses familiar from thousands of news wire […]

China finances most coal plants built today – it’s a climate problem and why US-China talks are essential

This story was originally published by The Conversation and is reproduced with permission. You can find the original article here. As nations gear up for a critical year for climate negotiations, it’s become increasingly clear that success may hinge on one question: How soon will China end its reliance on coal and its financing of […]

Study: Climate change to blame for $8 billion of Hurricane Sandy damages

There is a universe in which Hurricane Sandy didn’t create quite so much devastation back in 2012; where the waters, which surged deep into subway tunnels and left parts of New York City in the dark for days, left some parts of the tri-state area unscathed. And that universe, according to scientists, is one without […]

Why electric cars are cheaper if you’re rich

Electric vehicles are getting a lot of press lately — but can people actually afford them? Reporter Shannon Osaka has the details on fuel savings, the perils of charging, and that pesky EV tax credit (which mostly helps people who have a lot of money already). Read Next Biden wants to build 500,000 EV charging […]