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How economists helped Big Oil obstruct climate action for decades

For more than a decade, researchers and journalists have tried to lay bare the PR machine employed by fossil fuel companies to delay climate action. Science historian Naomi Oreskes’ Merchants of Doubt detailed the critical role some scientists played in denying the soundness of climate science. Later, an investigation by InsideClimate News revealed that while […]

No, eradicating poverty is not gonna mess with climate goals

For years, environmental researchers have been trying to understand if providing a decent living for everyone on Earth would be at odds with reaching our most ambitious climate goals. After all, eradicating poverty means consuming more energy: paving new roads, building hospitals and schools, and providing decent housing with clean water and heating. Some researchers […]

The climate costs of keeping Line 5 open would be very high

For the last four months, the Line 5 pipeline running under the Great Lakes has been carrying 23 million gallons of oil and gas each day, defying orders from Michigan’s Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, that the line be shut down. Protests have ensued. The Bay Mills Indian Community has banned the pipeline’s owner, Enbridge Energy, from […]

Illinois signs landmark clean energy law

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed one of the nation’s most ambitious state-level clean energy plans into law on Wednesday.  “??After years of debate and discussion, science has prevailed, and we are charting a new future that works to mitigate the impacts of climate change here in Illinois,” Pritzker said in a statement. The Climate and […]

The other greenhouse gas: UN report sets the record straight on methane

Most of the time carbon dioxide gets all the attention as the most villainous of  greenhouse gasses, and the industries that pollute the atmosphere with methane would like to keep it that way. The new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, however, presents the data on this secondary greenhouse gas that makes its […]

Why Texas fossil fuel unions signed onto a climate plan

If you look at state-level action on climate change in the United States, Texas might seem like an immovable elephant. It has the highest greenhouse gas footprint in the country, emitting twice as much as California, which has 10 million more people. Between oil and gas extraction, refining, and petrochemical production, the fossil fuel industry […]

A Florida city wanted to move away from fossil fuels. The state just made sure it couldn’t.

This reporting by Grist and ADAPT is a collaboration in partnership with Floodlight. In January, Tampa was set to become the 12th city in Florida to set a climate goal to transition to 100 percent clean energy. But that was before the natural gas industry and Republican state lawmakers got involved.  Tampa City Councilman Joseph […]

What Tesla has to do with the Solyndra loan scandal

A little over a decade ago, Solyndra was the hottest thing in solar power. Solyndra was so exciting that then-President Barack Obama, who was trying to create green jobs while pulling the country out of the financial crisis, decided to give the company a $535 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy. Within two […]

Carbon IOUs? A new plan to make companies pay back their climate debt

The math of climate change is unforgiving. Scientists estimate that the world can only emit a few hundred billion metric tons more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere before crossing a significant threshold: warming of 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels. That’s the limit nations decided to strive for under the Paris Agreement. […]

Renting clothes is ‘less green than throwing them away’

This story was originally published by The Guardian and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. A study has revealed that renting clothes, long touted as one of the “answers” to fashion’s sustainability crisis, is worse for the planet than throwing them away. The study, published by the Finnish scientific journal Environmental Research […]