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NASA Pushes Propaganda For Kids: Casts Greenhouse Gases As Superheroes That ‘Turn Into Tiny Heaters’

NASA tries to appeal to kids in claiming greenhouse gas molecules are “tiny heaters” that act “exactly how” the windows that prevent heat escape in a real greenhouse work. Observations show this is propaganda. Image Source: NASA’s Climate Kids and Earth Observatory In claiming superhero-like greenhouse gases such as CO2 and water vapor act “exactly how” […]

So Far Germany Seeing Coldest April In 104 Years, Second Coldest Since 1881, Snowiest Since 1986

It’s been a really frosty April this year across Central Europe. Germany so far has seen it’s second coldest April since records began in 1881. Hat-tip: Snowfan Coldest since 1917 April across much of Europe has been unusually cold, frosty and even snowy, and the media have been awfully quiet about it. The following chart […]

NASA GISS Keeps Warming The Data, And Mysteriously Comes Out With 104 New Stations Going Back To 1882

By Kirye and P Gosselin It’s well known that scientists at NASA GISS have been rewriting the global temperature record, adjusting the data. Not surprising to many, it now appears much of the globe has been warming faster. This is quite remarkable. One example is how cooling was transformed into warming in Australia. What follows […]

Hamburg Germany Seeing MORE EASTER SNOW Than In 1960s (When CO2 Was Much Lower)

Today we see SNOW in the forecast for Easter Monday across most of Germany A few years ago, renowned warmist climate science professor Mojib Latif also chimed in, just after David Viner, in declaring snow and ice also would be a thing of the past in Germany. The distinguished professor recalled growing up in Hamburg, […]

Antarctic Sea Ice Grows 2 Million Sq. Km – Area As Big As Saudi Arabia. And: Hamburg Spring Arriving Later…

Antarctic sea ice grows 2 million square kilometers in 4 years… It’s hard to back up the statement: Global warming is global. Some places have seen warming over the past 40 years (e.g. Arctic), but other places have not. Antarctica definitely has not been playing along with the man-made global warming hoax. (Yes, man has […]

UK Brexits Global Warming, Has Been Cooling Off Since Long Before Greta Was Born

By Kirye and Pierre Winters across the United Kingdom of Britain appear to have worsened over the past two decades, contradicting earlier warnings they would warm and snow would become rare.  Due to its geographic location in the the northeast Atlantic, temperature trends in Great Britain have significance. They provide information about how the Atlantic […]

New Study Finds Clams Are Worse Off In Today’s Colder Waters And Lower Sea Levels

Clams’ feeding activity, calcification rates, and overall shell density have declined in concert with decreasing sea surface temperatures and the long-term falling sea level trend since the Holocene peak about 6000 years ago. A team of scientists (Cheli et al., 2021) have suggested Earth’s surface temperatures were “up to 4°C” warmer during the Holocene Climate […]

JMA (Unaltered) Data Show Far Northern Europe February Mean Temperatures Are Not Warming

By Kirye and Pierre We just looked at snow cover over the northern hemisphere for the first day of spring, and instead we see winter is still very much in action. The rapid global warming seems to be taking its time getting here as winter lingers on. Today we take a look at February data […]

Absent Spring: First Day Looks Like Mid Winter From Siberia To Spain, Canada Near 100% Blanketed!

The official start of spring comes this weekend. But you wouldn’t know it looking out the window in many places. Hat-tip: Snowfan The CFSv2 predicts a continuous snow cover from Siberia over Eastern and Central Europe to Spain for the calendrical beginning of spring on March 20, 2021 and days beyond. It’ll be pure March […]

Stalled Warming: Global Mean Temperature Continues To Cool, Polar Sea Ice Stable At Normal Levels

By Snowfan Global cool-down. 2m-temperature-deviation in March 2021 cut in half compared to a year earlier. Source: Karsten Haustein. Global “Rahmstorf warming” continues in March 2021. Like January and February,March 2021 has so far been significantly colder than the same month last year. In the NCEP analysis up to 17 March 2021 and in the […]