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September Mean Temps In Northern Europe See Little Change Over Past Decades…Snow, Frost Arrive

By Kirye and Pierre Today we look at September mean temperatures at the stations across northern Europe for which the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) have enough data. We find fall is not being pushed back as we should expect in a warming world. The JMA has published the data for September and again we see a […]

Antarctic Temperatures Were ‘Up To 5°C Above Modern’ From 12,000–2,000 Years BP

A new study indicates that from 4,000 years ago until as recently as 1,500 years ago, or when CO2 levels ranged between 255 and 270 ppm, lake levels in Antarctica were as high as 60 meters above today’s levels. This coincided with “warmer-than-modern paleoclimate throughout the Holocene.”  During the last 2,000 years, Antarctica’s temperatures have […]

Global Warming Of Past 40 Years An Artefact Of Pacific Ocean Cycle… Now Comes The Cooling

The One Oscillation That Rules Them All By David Archibald Cumulative graphs, in which changes in the individual values from time period to time period are added, are powerful for showing changes of trend in a series. Thus the cumulative graph of the annual average solar aa Index (a geomagnetic index) nails the beginning and […]

In 2019 Global Deaths Attributable To Cold Weather Were 24% Above 1990 Levels

A new study (Burkart et al., 2021) reports that for every 356 deaths attributable to warm weather across the globe there were 1,337 attributable to cold weather in 2019. The cold weather death attribution in 2019 was up from 1,021 (thousands) in 1990, a 24% increase. Warm weather deaths also rose – from 205 (thousands) […]

Tokyo’s Coolest September In Over 30 Years…Hachijojima No Warming In 107 Years…Latest Forecast: Sharp La Niña!

By Kirye and Pierre Tokyo has seen its coolest September in over 30 years, according to data from the Japan meteorological Agency (JMA). Data source: JMA. Tokyo’s mean temperature for September, 2021, was 22.3°C — the coolest recorded September mean in over 30 years. Hachijojima island Meanwhile, Hachijojima, an island belonging to Tokyo out in […]

More Evidence Antarctica Has Been Cooling, Regional Sea Ice Increasing For Over 40 Years

A new study (Kumar et al., 2021) reports the “overall SST trend in the Weddell Sea is negative” since 1979 and this has occurred in tandem with “the expansion of SIE [sea ice extent].” Another new study (King et al., 2021) reports the oldest temperature stations in Antarctica show a cooling/non-warming trend since 1956. Antarctica […]

La Nina: Globe Expected To Continue Cooling Into Next Year, Extending Cooling Streak To 7 Years

Snowfan rreports here of how parts of western Germany have had 4 nights in a row of surface frost and how new models are even projecting snowfall already in mid October. If that occurred, it would be unusually early. Globe cooling off Overall the globe has cooled substantially since the last El Nino ended in […]

Shortening Northern Europe Summers…August Temperatures Have Been Cooling Since, JMA Data Suggest

Late summers have been cooling across far northern Europe…September: Finland braces for one of its coldest this century, mercury drops to -6.4°C  By Kirye and Pierre Last month we looked at July mean temperature data from the stations in northern Europe for which the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) have enough data and found northern Europe (Norway, […]

Tokyo Summers See No Warming Trend In 27 Years…Hachijojima Pacific Island No Warming In 80 Years

By Kirye and Pierre The meteorological summer 2021 has ended and the mean SUMMER annual temperature data for Tokyo and Hachijojima island are now available from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA). Today we plot Tokyo’s mean summer temperature going back 27 years. There’s been no rise over the period. In fact the plot shows a slight […]

Mainstream Science Says CO2 Radiatively Cools Most Of The Atmospheres Of Earth, Venus, And Mars

For decades it has been widely accepted that rising CO2 is responsible for radiatively cooling the air above the troposphere to space…even where space is warming. It’s considered common knowledge that CO2 molecules radiatively warm the tropospheres (~0-12 km) of planets like Earth, Mars, and Venus (Sharma and Wintersteiner, 1990), but they otherwise radiatively cool […]