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The Guardian view on politics and the environment: we demand better | Editorial

The British public are way ahead of the government in their ideas for a fairer, greener country. Time for Downing Street to listen Earlier this month, a dance troupe on an ITV light entertainment show created one of the most complained-about television moments of the past decade. In their performance, the dancers of Diversity reflected […]

UK must become global leader in tackling climate crisis, says CBI

Carolyn Fairbairn calls for more green jobs to help economy recover from Covid-19 See all our coronavirus coverage Britain needs to step up and become a global leader in climate action, creating a number of green jobs and boosting productivity to help the economy recover from the coronavirus pandemic, the CBI will say on Monday. […]

Impact of Covid slowdown on CO2 in the atmosphere ‘not even a blip’, Australian scientist says

By early June, emissions had mostly returned to the levels of the same period in 2019, a UN report found The Covid-19 pandemic will deliver an unprecedented annual drop in global greenhouse gas emissions of up to 7% by the end of 2020, but the slowdown’s impact on the atmosphere will be almost imperceptible, according […]

More than 600 arrests made at Extinction Rebellion protests in London

Climate campaigners stage a range of public events over five days despite Covid restrictions More than 600 people have been arrested during five days of climate crisis protests in central London, police have said. Environmental campaign group Extinction Rebellion (XR) reignited its efforts to highlight the dangers of climate crisis this month after they were […]

Burning bush, melting Arctic, a deadly virus: nobody said the end times would be boring | John Birmingham

For one brief shining moment it seemed humanity’s inability to imagine much beyond our lived experience was irrelevant. Covid was coming for us all This is part of a series of essays by Australian writers responding to the challenges of 2020 The chicken shack was nearly an hour’s walk through Seoul in the subzero night, […]

Right trousers, but the wrong consultants | Brief letters

Climate crisis apathy | Art quiz | Virus consultants | Second city | More jam Greta Thunberg (After two years of school strikes, the world is still in a state of climate crisis denial, 19 August) provides a salutary reminder that it is not getting a B grade for an A-level where an A grade […]

Racism burns Australia like pox and plague. We’re not all in this together | Kim Scott

Aboriginal heritage and the natural environment need to be at the centre of national reconstruction This is part of a series of essays by Australian writers responding to the challenges of 2020 Fire, flood and plague. Toilet rolls and mental health. Injections of bleach and sunlight. For a studied introvert with a writer’s routines, the […]

Where can you be safe in this world? Maybe we’re asking the wrong question | Jane Rawson

The overarching project of my life has been making myself safe. But what is the point if everyone else is drowning and burning and starving? This is part of a series of essays by Australian writers responding to the challenges of 2020 I am descended from people who factor a flat tyre into a drive […]

Covid-19 lockdown will have ‘negligible’ impact on climate crisis – study

Drop in emissions was a blip, say scientists, and a green recovery is vital to halt global heating The draconian coronavirus lockdowns across the world have led to sharp drops in carbon emissions, but this will have “negligible” impact on the climate crisis, with global heating cut by just 0.01C by 2030, a study has […]

Kenneth Hayne says Covid shows Australian politics can be more than a ‘dialogue of the deaf’

The former high court judge urges politicians to defend their institution rather than prioritise partisan self-interest Debates about climate change and the Indigenous voice to parliament have been hijacked by sloganeering and the “peddling of false and misleading ideas”, according to the former high court justice Kenneth Hayne, who has urged Australian politicians to defend […]