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Iraq’s historical properties are actually being actually ruined through weather adjustment

Iraq's historical properties are actually being actually ruined through weather adjustment

Water scarcities triggering climbing sodium attentions as well as sandstorms are actually wearing down globe’s old websites A few of the planet’s very most historical structures are actually being actually ruined through environment modification, as climbing attentions of sodium in Iraq waste at dirt block and also even more recurring sandstorms deteriorate historical wonders.Iraq is […]

Greta Thunberg to release a ‘best resource’ manual on the environment situation

Greta Thunberg to release a 'best resource' manual on the environment situation

The Climate Book will definitely feature additions coming from expert Katharine Hayhoe, economic expert Thomas Piketty as well as author Margaret Atwood Greta Thunberg is actually launching a brand-new publication this fall, which intends to use a “international review of just how the earth’s numerous situations hook up”. “I have actually chosen to utilize my […]

To get rural Americans involved in climate crisis, see them for who they are

I like small towns. I grew up in the Hudson Valley of New York state, just beyond the reach of the commuter trains to Manhattan; spent 15 years in rural Colorado, living in a town with no traffic lights and a population well under 2,000; then moved to a similarly tiny town in southwestern Washington […]

Did we figure out how to make good ‘climate pop’ songs in 2021?

If we had to play the game of “say something nice” about 2021, we could say this: There was a lot to pay attention to! Not a dull year. So you would be forgiven for missing the fact that the traditionally staid and challenging topic of climate change showed up in a rather unexpected place: […]

‘Don’t Look Up’ shows how hard it is to satirize the end of the world

This review contains spoilers for Don’t Look Up. I was lucky to attend a showing of Don’t Look Up, the latest cultural satire from director Adam McKay, with my good friend and former Grist colleague Amelia Urry. Amelia is studying for her doctorate in the history of science at Cambridge, and during the car ride […]

I might have eaten the meal of the future. It cost $270 and left me hungry.

In the first half of the 20th century, the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company built two skyscrapers just across the street from Madison Square Park in Manhattan. One of them is now home to Eleven Madison Park, widely considered one of the best restaurants in America, and the most prominent to announce its intentions to do […]

Public schools are failing students on climate change

From school strikes and congressional sit-ins to demonstrations at this year’s United Nations climate conference in Glasgow, young people are leading the fight against climate change. Poll after poll shows that Gen Z and Millennials are by far the generations most alarmedabout the climate crisis, and the most engaged in efforts to address it. But […]

Are we still ‘Dune’ this?

If you possess some degree of historical awareness in 2021, it is hard not to recognize the influence of extractive colonialism everywhere you look. But you’d really have to be blind not to see it in Dune, the most recent cinematic interpretation of Frank Herbert’s classic 1965 sci-fi series.  The plot’s primary conflict revolves around […]

Capsule of 1765 air reveals ancient histories hidden under Antarctic ice

Polar Zero exhibition in Glasgow features sculpture encasing air extracted from start of Industrial Revolution An ampoule of Antarctic air from the year 1765 forms the centrepiece of a new exhibition that reveals the hidden histories contained in polar ice to visitors attending the Cop26 climate conference in Glasgow. The artist Wayne Binitie has spent […]

‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’ and the world we cannot escape

Cloud Cuckoo Land, the new, 622-page epic tale from the Pulitzer Prize-winning author Anthony Doerr, is a book filled to the brim with a lot of big and powerful themes — climate crisis, war, literature, home. But above all else, it’s about the ways we compulsively try to escape reality or dull its edges, because […]