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Japan’s Canon Institute For Global Studies (CIGS) Presents New Working Paper On Climate Science Data Inconsistencies

Statistical data alterations, huge data gaps and dissenting experts are among the problems plaguing climate science, new Japanese CIGS working paper highlights.  In November 2019, the Canon Institute for Global Studies (CIGS) released a working paper noting that natural factors are also very much at work when it comes to climate change. Now CIGS has […]

US Government Tries To Erase Historical Forest Fire Data To Fabricate Another Fake Crisis

The US government deletes more than 50 years of early data on forest fires in order to make it look like forest fires are more widespread, and linked to CO2. Should be Investigated under the RICO Act.  There’s a reason why Smokey the Bear has been around more than 75 years with his message. “Only […]

NASA GISS Keeps Warming The Data, And Mysteriously Comes Out With 104 New Stations Going Back To 1882

By Kirye and P Gosselin It’s well known that scientists at NASA GISS have been rewriting the global temperature record, adjusting the data. Not surprising to many, it now appears much of the globe has been warming faster. This is quite remarkable. One example is how cooling was transformed into warming in Australia. What follows […]

Germany’s DWD Weather Service Annuls All-Time Heat Record, Concedes Station Siting Problems

Germany’s DWD reverses, annuls Lingen’s July 25, 2019 all-time 42.6°C record high temperature. Station siting was not up to standard, had caused inflated readings.  Media berserk over all-time record high Back in July 2019, the German media and the German DWD national weather service went into overdrive when the Lingen-Germany  station, located in northwest Germany […]

German Measurement Expert Joins Nobel Laureate Ivar Giaever: “AGW Science Is Pseudoscience”!

A German expert joins renowned physicists in pointing out that the climate data harbor far too much uncertainty and that conclusions drawn from such data are “pseudoscience”.  At geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning’s Die kalte Sonne here, Dr. Andreas Karl presents an essay on the reliability of the modern temperature record (1850-2020) based on recorded measurements. […]

International Corporate Trial Lawyer Optimistic COVID-19 Test Fraud Will Lead To Expensive Compensation For Damages

While today the German mainstream media attempt to shame the tens of thousands of protesters for showing up to PEACEFULLY protest the COVID-19 restrictions and the loss of freedom, independent media have been presenting real substance. One example is the following Youtube video that shows some of the speakers at the demonstration. Among them was […]

Mann, Rahmstorf Struggle To Defend: Flawed Hockey Stick Chart Under Fire (Again) In Germany

Climate alarmism dissenters getting increasingly vocal. Yesterday I reported on how science editor Axel Bojanowski at German national daily DIE WELT had written a commentary on the deceptive use of a faulty climate hockey stick by ZDF German broadcasting. Naturally whenever anything of the sort happens here in Germany, attack dog Stefan Rahmstorf of the […]

The IPCC Claimed Earth Warmed 0.6°C From 1861-2014. Now It’s Claimed Earth Warmed 1.72°C From 1850-2015

The magnitude of claimed global warming since the mid-1800s has tripled from 0.56°C to 1.72°C in the last few years. As recently as 1994, the IPCC claimed global surface temperatures had risen “0.3 to 0.6°C” (0.45°C) since 1861. By 2001, it was changed to 0.61°C warming from 1861 to 2000 (IPCC TAR 2001). Image Source: […]

NASA’s Fudge Factory: Goddard Institute For Space Studies Fudges The Data Again!

By Kirye and Pierre Gosselin It’s well known that the United States suffered severe drought and record high temperatures back in the 1930s, which we know resulted in the famous Dust Bowl and economic hardship across North America. But now, from a climate point of view, that period has become an embarrassment to the scientists […]

Systemic Data Tampering: NASA GISS Alters US Southeast Data, Changes Cooling To Warming

By Kirye and P. Gosselin Today we look at the NASA data from 6 stations from the US southeast region. In every case the trends were warmed up by what NASA calls “adjusting”. Four of the 6 stations showed a clear cooling trend, which were then altered by NASA to show warming. Another station saw […]