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Climate crisis is not a ‘partisan issue’, young Republican tells his own party

Peter Meijer, 33-year-old Michigan congressman, says Republicans are in midst of ‘generational shift’ – but progress is slow Lies that hamburgers will be banned, conspiracy-laden claims of government tyranny, blame for environmental degradation foisted upon immigrants – the Republican response to Joe Biden’s climate agenda suggests the base instincts of Donald Trump still strongly animate […]

Losing our marbles over Stonehenge | Brief letters

Judiciary | Queen’s leases | Travel plans | Ancient showroom | Stonehenge Donald Trump’s acquittal in the US Senate (Report, 14 February) surely provides the best possible evidence for never allowing politicians to get involved in judicial decision-making. Their priorities lie in other directions. Les Baker Fordingbridge, Hampshire • The Queen gets £220m a year […]

Omission of climate crisis at RNC risks losing voters, some conservatives warn

Republicans at the convention did not lay out a plan for climate change, nor even acknowledge it The Republican national convention, dominated by veneration of Donald Trump and bleak warnings of the dangers of socialism, has completely ignored the climate crisis, an omission that has disturbed some conservatives who warn the party risks being left […]