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Another dot on the graph

So last week was the annual release of the temperature records from NASA, NOAA and Berkeley Earth. The Copernicus ERA5 data was released a few days ago, and the HadCRUT data will follow soon. Unlike in years past, there is no longer any serious discrepancy between the records – which use multiple approaches for the […]

2020 Hindsight

Yesterday was the day that NASA, NOAA, the Hadley Centre and Berkeley Earth delivered their final assessments for temperatures in Dec 2020, and thus their annual summaries. The headline results have received a fair bit of attention in the media (NYT, WaPo, BBC, The Guardian etc.) and the conclusion that 2020 was pretty much tied […]

2020 vision

A meeting of smoke and storms (NASA Earth Observatory) No-one needs another litany of all the terrible things that happened this year, but there are three areas relevant to climate science that are worth thinking about: What actually happened in climate/weather (and how they can be teased apart). There is a good summary on the […]