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Morrison government flags $540m for hydrogen and carbon capture ahead of Biden summit

The extra technology roadmap funding comes as critics say the Coalition is increasingly isolated due to a lack of climate ambition The Morrison government has flagged increased investment in regional hydrogen hubs and carbon capture and storage projects ahead of a global climate action summit to be hosted by the United States president, Joe Biden, […]

Scientists look for the Holy Grail: The whitest paint ever

White roofs are one of those climate solutions that sound too good to be true. Compared to solar panels and electric cars, painting the roof of a building white is a suspiciously cheap, analog way to usher in a low-carbon future. But it works — white roofs reflect sunlight back into space rather than absorbing […]

Whitest-ever paint could help cool heating Earth, study shows

New paint reflects 98% of sunlight as well as radiating infrared heat into space, reducing need for air conditioning The whitest-ever paint has been produced by academic researchers, with the aim of boosting the cooling of buildings and tackling the climate crisis. The new paint reflects 98% of sunlight as well as radiating infrared heat […]

Climate crisis: Boris Johnson ‘too cosy’ with vested interests to take serious action

Report author calls for thorough clean-up of political donations, directorships and embedded interns Boris Johnson’s government is “too cosy” with vested interests in business to take strong action on the climate crisis, the author of a report on “the polluting elite”, has warned. Peter Newell, a professor of international relations at the University of Sussex, […]

Clean energy bonanza: Biden’s budget tries to undo Trump’s damage

For four years straight, President Donald Trump tried to gut the budgets of federal agencies focusing on climate and the environment. The former president proposed canceling clean energy research, cutting federal support to prevent flooding, and winnowing down crucial federal agencies. In 2019, he even went so far as to ask Congress to slash funding […]

Renewables plus batteries offer Australia the same energy security as coal, research finds

Australia Institute calls for rule change to allow renewables to replace fossil fuels in underpinning grid reliability Renewable energy and batteries can secure Australia’s electricity grid as effectively as coal and gas, new research suggests. The research, commissioned by the Australia Institute thinktank and released on Monday, found clean technologies provided the fast frequency response […]

The planet cannot survive our remorseless pursuit of profit | Owen Jones

Oil companies knew 50 years ago the huge damage they were doing. Their motive to ignore it is the same now as it was then Capitalism is on a collision course with human life and the future of our planet. Each year, air pollution takes more lives than smoking: the last estimate suggests 8.8m deaths […]

Cumbria mine: what will the public inquiry look at?

Communities secretary cited climate change and controversy for ‘calling in’ deep coalmine decision A public inquiry is to be held into plans for the UK’s first new deep coalmine in decades after the communities secretary “called in” the decision on the project, taking it out of the hands of local government. Facing a legal challenge, […]

New US vehicles must be electric by 2030 to meet climate goals – report

Joe Biden needs ‘visionary target’ of cutting US emissions by 60% over 2005 levels The US should ensure almost all new cars and light vehicles sold are electric by the end of this decade, and stop using fossil fuels for power generation by 2035, to cut greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris agreement, […]

The world’s first ‘carbon-neutral’ cargo ship is already low on gas

the worlds first carbon neutral cargo ship is already low on gas - The world’s first ‘carbon-neutral’ cargo ship is already low on gas

When shipping giant Maersk announced last month it would operate a “carbon-neutral” vessel by 2023, the Danish company committed to using a fuel that’s made from renewable sources, is free of soot-forming pollutants — and is currently in scarce supply. “Green methanol” is drawing interest from the global shipping industry as companies work to reduce […]