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South Africa’s April floodings created two times as very likely through weather dilemma, experts state

South Africa's April floodings created two times as very likely through weather dilemma, experts state

Brutal heatwave in India and also Pakistan additionally specific to have actually been actually worsened through worldwide heating system, researchers mention The harmful as well as huge floodings that blew South Africa in April were actually created two times as probably as well as much more rigorous through international home heating, researchers have actually computed. […]

UN principal asks for severe weather condition alert bodies for every person in the world

UN principal asks for severe weather condition alert bodies for every person in the world

António Guterres mentions whole entire world ought to be actually dealt with through very early precaution bodies within 5 years Everybody in the world must be actually dealt with through a very early precaution body versus severe climate and also climate-related calamities within 5 years, the UN assistant general has actually said.About a 3rd of […]

Heatwaves at each of Earth’s posts alert weather researchers

Heatwaves at each of Earth's posts alert weather researchers

Antarctic places arrive at 40C over ordinary at very same opportunity as northern rod areas attacked 30C over typical amounts Surprising heatwaves at each of Earth’s rods are actually triggering alert amongst temperature researchers, that have actually cautioned the “extraordinary” celebrations could possibly signify faster and also sudden weather breakdown.Temperatures in Antarctica arrived at document […]

In the wake of a wildfire, who gets to rebuild?

This story is published in collaboration with Colorado Public Radio. The fire had started its rush toward Grand Lake, Colorado, when Johanna Robinson sat down to a bowl of soup, a meal she now remembers as the last time she felt anywhere like home. For two and a half years, Robinson and her husband, a […]

US flood risk is about to explode — but not for the reasons you think

Extreme flooding has struck almost every corner of the country over the past year, from rural areas in Tennessee and California to the Michigan suburbs and the streets of Brooklyn, New York. Floods have always been by far the most widespread and costliest weather disaster in the U.S., and they have only gotten worse as […]

Great Barrier Reef on verge of another mass bleaching after highest temperatures on record?

This story was originally published by the Guardian and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Temperatures over the Great Barrier Reef in December were the highest on record with “alarming” levels of heat that have put the ocean jewel on the verge of another mass bleaching of corals, according to analysis from U.S. government scientists seen by […]

A visual guide to this year’s heat domes, hurricanes, and wildfires

This story is part of Grist’s 2021 Comic Recap — an illustrated look back on some of the year’s biggest climate stories. To read the other installments, click here and here. 2021 was a banner year for extreme weather. Here’s a review of some of this year’s biggest events — and what role climate had to play. […]

This coastal town needs federal aid for climate adaptation. Instead it’ll get a military truck.

Surfside Beach, South Carolina is on the frontlines of climate change. Rising sea levels have left daunting prospects for the city’s heavily tourism-dependent economy. In a population of 4,000, roughly half of the workforce is centered on the business of tourism: retail, food service, and entertainment. Five years ago, Hurricane Matthew destroyed the main tourism […]

December’s tornadoes show a country desperately in need of disaster reform

In less than a week in mid-December, two enormous storm systems plowed through the South, Midwest, and Great Plains, spawning 17 tornadoes and killing almost 100 people between them. The worst of the wreckage occurred in western Kentucky, where a tornado packing 190-mile-per-hour winds and bearing a footprint nearly a mile wide etched a 163-mile […]

Toxic Tides: Climate change expected to cause 400 toxic California sites to flood by 2100

To many Americans, California is defined by its ranging coastline and the sandy beaches and multi-million dollar homes that line its 840-mile stretch. As sea levels continue to rise, it’s no secret then, that the state and its inhabitants are facing a crisis. Hollywood knows this, too, as movie after movie over the last decade […]