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New Study: No Trend In Compound Natural Disasters Across Australia Since 1966

Three new studies affirm there has been no significant change in natural disasters, precipitation, or bushfire across Australia for the last several decades. Instances when perilous flooding, drought, bushfire, cyclones, storms, heatwaves…occur at the nearly same time are classified as “compound disaster” events. Across Australia, there has been no statistically significant trend in compound disaster […]

Cooling In The Pipeline? Low Solar Activity, Wild Fire Smoke, La Niña All Setting Up A Cooled 2022?

Here are 3 reasons why global surface temperatures will probably see continued cooling over the coming year. 1. La Nina back in the forecast NASA continues to project La Niña conditions into 2022 thus suggesting vigorous globally time-shifted cooling conditions: Source. NASA The NOAA-ENSO forecast also shows La Niña conditions taking hold again later this […]

Scientists: No Correlation Between Climate Change And Wildfires In California – Or Anywhere Else On Earth

A “potential connection” between anthropogenic global warming and the frequency or intensity of wildfires in California has yet to emerge in the trend observations. Scientists have found a “lack of correlation between late summer/autumn wildfires” and “summer precipitation or temperature” in coastal California. In fact, “there is no long-term trend in the number of fires […]

Scientists: Rising CO2 REDUCES Fires…Australian (Global) Fires Were More Common In Colder (Pre-1950s) Climates

The current furor about an alleged connection between climate change, CO2 emissions, and Australian fires finds no support in the scientific literature. According to scientists, rising CO2 concentrations reduce fire ignition and burned area. Further, both global-scale and Australian fires were far more pervasive during the colder Little Ice Age. Here’s what the scientific literature […]