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Deadly rains hit central China as subways flood and tens of millions impacted – video

Heavy rains have flooded parts of central China’s Henan province, upending the lives of tens of millions and leaving at least 12 dead. More than 20cm of rain fell in one hour in Zhengzhou, the regional capital, flooding the city’s subway system and major roads. The heavy rains began on 17 July before severe downpours […]

What is causing the floods in Europe?

Scientists believe climate disruption will bring more extreme weather, and humans are making things worse Almost certainly. Scientists have long predicted climate disruption will lead to more extreme weather, such as heatwaves, droughts and floods. Human emissions from engine exhaust fumes, forest burning and other activities are heating the planet. As the atmosphere gets warmer […]

UK failing to protect against climate dangers, advisers warn

It is ‘absolutely illogical’ not to tackle the risks of heatwaves and power blackouts, says Climate Change Committee The UK government is failing to protect people from the fast-rising risks of the climate crisis, from deadly heatwaves to power blackouts, its official climate advisers have warned. The climate change committee said action to improve the […]

After the deluge: NSW’s flood disaster victims begin cleanup – in pictures

More than a week after torrential rain hit New South Wales, communities are working to clean up what is left behind Continue reading…

Floods, storms and searing heat: 2020 in extreme weather

While Covid has dominated the news, the world has also felt the effects of human-driven global heating This year has broken a series of unwelcome weather records. Last month was the warmest November in history. This followed the hottest January, May and September. All-time temperature peaks were registered from the Antarctic to the Arctic. Since […]

Murray-Darling mismanagement: floods, water theft, and Burke and Wills’s camels

The basin has faced challenges throughout history but the system designed to protect it does not factor in a changing climate This is part of a series of essays by Australian writers responding to the challenges of 2020 One hundred and fifty years ago Ludwig Becker, a member of the Burke and Wills expedition, did […]

The Guardian view on record-breaking weather: the heat is on | Editorial

What better time than the UK’s hottest-ever week for ministers to commit to bold climate action? The hottest week in the UK since records began offers further proof that our weather is changing. Climate change and global heating are not predictions, but facts of life that we must deal with now. Ten of the UK’s […]

Flooding could occur daily in Sydney by the end of this century because of climate change

Human-caused sea level rise likely caused eight out of 10 floods in the region between 1970 and 2015, a study finds Flooding in localised areas around Sydney will happen almost every week by the middle of this century because of human-caused sea level rise, according to a study by scientists at the Bureau of Meteorology. […]

Extra 23 million people could face coastal flooding within 30 years, even with emission cuts, study says

Human-caused sea level rise, storm surges and high tides will put trillions of dollars of assets at risk around the world by the end of the century The combined impacts of human-caused sea level rise, storm surges and high tides could expose an extra 23 million people to coastal flooding within the next 30 years, […]

Britain still failing on climate crisis, warn advisers

Committee urges that companies must meet green standards to qualify for Covid-19 corporate bailouts Ministers are bracing themselves for a powerful new rebuke from the government’s own advisers over the nation’s inadequate response to the climate crisis. In its annual progress report, to be published on Thursday, the Committee on Climate Change will lambast continuing […]