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French dijon mustard source attacked through weather as well as climbing expenses, point out developers

French dijon mustard source attacked through weather as well as climbing expenses, point out developers

Poor seed produces have actually triggered vacant racks at grocery stores in France as well as worldwide deficiencies Climate improvement and also increasing prices are actually creating food stores in France to lack dijon mustard, questioning over whether the scarcity might infect various other countries.French mustard manufacturers stated seed development in 2021 was actually down […]

Beyond greenwashing: How chain restaurants could actually address their climate pollution

When McDonald’s opened its first net-zero restaurant in the U.K. last month, the backlash was swift. Despite a number of measures to boost the location’s sustainability — insulation made from sheep’s wool, on-site wind turbines and solar panels, and a biodiversity garden sustained by rainwater collected from the parking lot — environmental advocates cried foul, […]

UK must ‘walk the talk’ on climate action, say official advisers

As Cop26 president, UK must act on meat, fossil fuels and overseas aid, says Climate Change Committee The UK must “walk the talk” on climate action over the next 12 months, which will be critical in tackling the climate emergency, according to an assessment of the Cop26 summit by the Climate Change Committee. The UK […]

Food banks are struggling to fill their shelves, and it’s not just supply chain issues

In Tampa, Florida, a food bank is giving away what they’re calling “paper turkeys” — gift cards — instead of real turkeys. In Colorado Springs, Colorado, one food bank doesn’t have cranberry sauce or stuffing. In Alameda County, California, another is swapping out turkey for chicken. This holiday season, food banks across the United States […]

I might have eaten the meal of the future. It cost $270 and left me hungry.

In the first half of the 20th century, the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company built two skyscrapers just across the street from Madison Square Park in Manhattan. One of them is now home to Eleven Madison Park, widely considered one of the best restaurants in America, and the most prominent to announce its intentions to do […]

In defense of leftovers

This article is part of the Ask Umbra 2021 Holiday Makeover. Think of a typical Thanksgiving meal, and you’ll probably picture a table overflowing with bounty — turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, maybe a few candles and a decorative gourd for good measure. It’s a holiday where food and plenty are the main event. Judging by […]

Can this milk really ‘fight climate change’? It’s complicated.

The ad blitz was impossible to miss walking into the light rail station in Seattle’s bustling Capitol Hill neighborhood, where dozens of red-orange signs were plastered along the walls. “Seattle, carbon-neutral milk is here,” a billboard-sized advertisement declared, showing two milk cartons perched on a skateboard. One man paused to consider one of the ads […]

Why many food experts don’t want a new international body for food science

Two years of discussions and negotiations culminated on Thursday and Friday, as stakeholders from around the world convened for the first-ever United Nations Food Systems Summit. The event had been branded as a “historic opportunity to empower all people to leverage the power of food systems,” both to drive the global recovery from COVID-19 and […]

As wildfires worsen, more California farms are deemed too risky to insure

Stu Smith got an email from his insurance company last summer with some bad news: His premium was more than quadrupling. Smith is the co-owner of Smith Madrone, a wine operation in the mountains of California’s Sonoma Valley, and he had held a wildfire insurance policy with the company for more than 30 years. Now, […]

Salad will survive climate change. But at what cost?

Braddock, Pennsylvania is not what most people would call a farm town. White plumes of methanol, ammonia, zinc, and manganese billow throughout the day from its last remaining steel mill, while cars and pickups and freight trucks roar back and forth across the nearby Rankin Bridge. Despite its diminutive size, the town is well-known in […]