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German Energy Prices “Going Through The Roof”, Supply Tightens As Leaders Botch Energy Policy

Political energy mismanagement in Germany now risks inflicting tremendous pain on citizens as energy shortages intensify and prices skyrocket.  Coming winter of discontent? Energy prices going through the roof By Fritz Vahrenholt, first published at Tichys Einblick (Translated/edited  by Pierre Gosselin) Prices for natural gas, coal, oil and electricity have been rising massively since the […]

Energy Experts Warn Of “A Catastrophic Energy Emergency” If German Leaders Don’t Wake Up To Reality

Swiss publicist Roland Tichy hosted a discussion round with three energy experts: former Hamburg Senator for the Environment Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt, Albert Duin, medium-sized entrepreneur and member of the Bavarian state parliament, and Frank Hennig, an expert for power plants and energy conversion. Image cropped from Tichy’s Einblick Currently Germany is struggling with its Energiewende […]

‘Welt’ Commentary: Germany Flood Catastrophe Made Possible By “Inconceivable Ignorance”…”Unbelievable Scandal”

Germany under water. Photo by P. Gosselin Climate alarmist media waking up? Germany’s climate alarmist media appears to be waking up a little, and thus are not totally buying the claims being made by German leaders that the devastating floods were due to climate change. It’s becoming increasingly clear the human catastrophe was the result […]

For 40% Of The EU And US To Drive EVs, 56,000-70,000 Km² Of Land Must Be Cleared For Wind Turbines

A new study warns that “a massive expansion of impervious surfaces” is an inevitable consequence of having electric vehicles reach a 40% share of citizens’ driving needs.  A land area the size of Croatia (in the European Union) or West Virginia (in the United States) must be completely covered with wind turbines to meet EV-charging […]

Secret Otto Engine Car For German Green Party Minister…”Range Anxiety”…”In The Interest Of The Country”

Another example of Green hypocritical “do as I say, not as I do”. While Germany’s Green politicians demand regular tax-paying citizens make sacrifices and accept inconveniences on behalf of the climate, they think they get to follow other rules.  Image: Merriam Webster Michael Sauerbier of the Berliner Zeitung (BZ) reports on how last March “Brandenburg’s […]

171 Scientists: CO2 Budget Of Electric Mobility “Twice As Big As Assumed” By European Leaders

171 scientists say European policymakers have grossly miscalculated the CO2 budget of e-cars in 2030 and that in reality CO2 emitted would be MORE THAN TWICE AS HIGH as assumed: EU Commission head Ursula von der Leyen and her colleagues recently received an open letter drafted by scientists of the International Association of Sustainable Drivetrain […]

Professor: Natural Gas Could Supply 600 Million Africans With Electricity…So Europe, USA Ban Its Use

By ending funding for energy infrastructure projects that rely on natural gas, Europe and the United States have executed a “blanket ban” on supplying inexpensive and reliable energy to people living in poor countries. As Dr. Ramachandran details in Nature, a de facto natural gas ban effectively does nothing to propel growth in intermittently-available wind […]

Power Grid Operators, Experts And Federal Audit Office Warn Of Blackouts As Coal, Nuclear Get Phased Out

As wildly fluctuating, weather-dependent green energies come increasingly online, German grid operators and the German Federal Audit Office are warning the German government of power blackouts. But the government is ignoring the warnings and continues to insist everything is fine. Grid operator 50Hertz, for example, warns of energy shortages as Germany continues to shut down […]

Devastating Drone Images Expose The Uselessness Of Wind Energy In Cold Weather

A new study affirms 0.3 m (12 inches) of ice buildup along the tip of a wind turbine’s 50-meters-long blades during a typical ice storm dramatically reduces the blades’ capacity to rotate – even in very windy conditions. The averaged power production loss induced by this ice accretion reaches up to 80%. Image Source: TechXplore.com […]

Berlin On The Brink! Winter Blackouts Loom As Coal Plants Run At 100% Capacity, Struggle To Keep Lights On In

Wintertime wind and solar energy “between 0 and 2 or 3 percent – that is de facto zero,” says German power distribution professor.  Berlin’s power supply severely strained Germany now finds itself in the dead of winter. Much of the country has seen considerable snowfall, meaning solar panels are often covered by snow and thus […]