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VW Files “Criminal Complaint” After Greenpeace Removes 1000 Keys From New VW Cars

Greenpeace under investigation for “trespassing”…”serious theft”. VW files criminal complaint Last month we reported here how, according to police, some 40 Greenpeace activists used ladders to make their way into a fenced-in port terminal in Emden and withdrew more than 1,000 car keys from new cars awaiting to be exported. Image: Greenpeace. “Today we are taking […]

Nazca-Style Debacle…Reckless Greenpeace Publicity Stunt Goes Awry! 2 Hospitalized… “No Regard For Safety”

A 38-year old German Greenpeace activist definitely wins the idiot of-the-day award…as the environmental organization’s stunt damn near killed people! Click here for video made by a Playboy Germany editor, who was in the stadium at the time of the incident. Another angle here. Also video below… The opening European Cup match for the French […]

Energy Infrastructure Terrorism Taking Root in Germany, Europe As Radical Activists Carry Out Attacks

Blackout News here reports on how radical activists are attempting to paralyze the power supply in Germany. It’s already bad enough that the European power grid is already highly unstable and could collapse due to just minor disturbances, this in large part due to the shutdowns of unwanted nuclear and coal-fired power plants and the […]

‘Extinction Rebellion’ (XR) Followers Want Humans To Go Extinct…”Humans Are The Disease!”

Forget free markets and capitalism, the whole human race has to go! Extinction Rebellion followers’ ideal scenario: Earth wiped clean of humans. If there is still anyone out there with doubts over XR’s radical human-hating, cult-like agenda in their march against fossil fuels, capitalism and evil CO2 emitters, here is evidence from members of the now Twitter-suspended […]

Greenpeace hits out at Davos banks for $1.4tn climate hypocrisy

Report highlights financial support given to hydrocarbon sector by 24 institutions The world’s leading financial institutions have been accused of hypocrisy over the climate emergency, after providing significant support for the fossil fuel industry over the last five years. A report by Greenpeace, the environmental group, highlights that 24 banks which regularly attend the World […]