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Climate Researcher’s New E-Book: IPCC Significantly Overstates CO2, “The Sorry State Of Climate Science”

Climate researcher, geologist, Patrice Poyet has released a new e-book: The Rational Climate e-Book: Cooler is Riskier. The Sorry State of Climate Science and Policies. This is an outstanding reference. Using the table of contents the reader can conveniently look up the topic that’s of interest. The ebook has been downloaded over 10,000 times so […]

Astrophysicist Nir Shaviv: “No Reason To Panic”…”Gore Is Misleading”…”Warming Not Due To Civilization”

A world renowned astrophysicist says the IPCC’s climate warnings cannot be taken seriously and that climate models use tricks to put the blame on CO2 Pierre Heumann at Weltwoche has a feature story on renowned Israeli astrophysicist, Nir Shaviv, professor at the Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Hebrew University astrophysicist, Prof. Nir Shaviv. […]

New Study: IPCC Made Fatal Errors In Assumptions About CO2 Which Destroy Global Warming Alarm

CO2 is higher at the Poles than at the Equator. When air warms, CO2 goes down and water vapor goes up. The warming effects of CO2 and water vapor do not add; they oppose each other. This is opposite IPCC claims. The IPCC claims doubling CO2 from 280 ppm to 560 ppm over the course […]

Scientists Find A CO2 Impact On Ocean Heat Content Changes Amounts To 0.049% At Most

 The radiative impact of CO2 on the ocean’s thermal skin layer cannot penetrate deeper than 0.01 mm. This effectively eliminates the potential for CO2 to be a driver of global warming. According to mainstream anthropogenic global warming (AGW) science, 93% of global warming is manifested in the 0-2000 m oceans. Just 1% of global warming […]

“Model Failure”…”Politics Hot Because Climate Models Are Too Hot”, Says Leading German Climate Science Skeptic

Leading German climate science critic Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt has penned a commentary at Achgut.de titled: “How climate models inflate climate sensitivity.” Image: GWPF CO2 climate overblown Vahrenholt cites Lewis/Curry 2018, who concluded “1.3°C for a doubling of the CO2 content of the atmosphere by about the end of this century (transient climate response), 1.7°C for […]

Sensitive But Unclassified

The US federal government goes to quite a lot of effort to (mostly successfully) keep sensitive but unclassified (SBU) information (like personal data) out of the hands of people who would abuse it. But when it comes to the latest climate models, quite a few are SBU as well. The results from climate models that […]

Controversy Swirls As Numbers Don’t Add Up… 1.3°C Missing Heat! – Earth Supposed To Be 16°C, But It’s Only 14.68°C

Even NASA says it: Without the Earth’s greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere, the planet would be on average a frigid -18°C. But because of the preindustrial 280 ppmv CO2 and other GHGs in our atmosphere, the average temperature of the Earth thankfully moves up by 33°C to +15°C (see chart below), based on the […]

German Climatologist Werner Kirstein Unloads: “IPCC Is To Deceive People”…Calls Michael Mann’s Chart “A Fake”

German climate scientist Professor Werner Kirstein was interviewed by alternative media outlet NuoViso,  and since the video was released early this month on Youtube, it has been viewed over 130,000, times. Politics commissioning reports for money In the interview Professor Kirstein tells moderator Robert Stein that CO2 emissions have no effect on the climate and […]

IPCC Special Report on Land

Thread for discussions of the new special report. [Boosting a comment from alan2102]. Climate Change and Land An IPCC special report on climate change, desertification, land degradation, sustainable land management, food security, and greenhouse gas fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems Land degradation accelerates global climate change. Al Jazeera EnglishPublished on Aug 8, 2019 New UN report […]

Absence and Evidence

Guest commentary by Michael Tobis, a retired climate scientist. He is a software developer and science writer living in Ottawa, Ontario. A recent opinion piece by economist Ross McKitrick in the Financial Post, which attracted considerable attention in Canada, carried the provocative headline “This scientist proved climate change isn’t causing extreme weather – so politicians […]