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Climate activist arrested after gluing himself to Westminster Bridge

Hundreds took part in Extinction Rebellion ‘rebellion of one’ acts on Saturday to protest lack of action on climate emergency A man has been arrested after gluing himself to Westminster Bridge in London in protest at a lack of government action two years after parliament declared a climate emergency. Related: ‘I’ll continue to fight’: the […]

More than 600 arrests made at Extinction Rebellion protests in London

Climate campaigners stage a range of public events over five days despite Covid restrictions More than 600 people have been arrested during five days of climate crisis protests in central London, police have said. Environmental campaign group Extinction Rebellion (XR) reignited its efforts to highlight the dangers of climate crisis this month after they were […]

Extinction Rebellion to block streets in London, Manchester and Cardiff

XR plans protests next week as activists call on MPs to back a climate emergency bill Extinction Rebellion plan to block streets in London, Manchester and Cardiff next week as they call on MPs to back a climate emergency bill and hold a national citizens’ assembly on the crisis. On Tuesday, five XR groups will […]

Right trousers, but the wrong consultants | Brief letters

Climate crisis apathy | Art quiz | Virus consultants | Second city | More jam Greta Thunberg (After two years of school strikes, the world is still in a state of climate crisis denial, 19 August) provides a salutary reminder that it is not getting a B grade for an A-level where an A grade […]

See a show and help save the planet as the West End turns green

Performers join forces with experts for two-month Climate Change festival in a London theatre After Extinction Rebellion’s call for urgent action on the streets of London last year, the issue of climate change is to stage another major London takeover. From 23 March, the wider environmental debate will dominate proceedings inside a West End theatre […]

Semi-naked activists protest against National Portrait Gallery’s links to BP

Protesters from Extinction Rebellion and other groups drenched themselves in fake oil Semi-naked environmental campaigners have been drenched in fake oil at the National Portrait Gallery to protest against its sponsorship by BP. Activists from Extinction Rebellion, BP or Not BP? and Culture Unstained assumed the foetal position while others poured the “oil” on their […]

‘Older generations can’t understand’: XR Youth on being heard

For young Extinction Rebellion members, there is an urgency they say others struggle to fully grasp When five members of Extinction Rebellion’s youth faction climbed on top of the entrance to YouTube’s HQ on Wednesday, they were protesting against a problem that has particular relevance for their generation. In a letter to the company, they […]

Extinction Rebellion’s right to protest must be respected | Letters

MPs and campaigners condemn the ban of Extinction Rebellion across London, while Keith Flett writes that historically protest has always included disruptive elements. Plus letters from Marilyn Mason, Richard Terry, Declan O’Neill, Jackie Ambrose and Peter B Baker The history of protest has many instances when a tactic or strategy didn’t work, was ill-conceived or […]

‘We have the right to rebel’: Extinction Rebellion begin Westminster shutdown – video

Extinction Rebellion protesters blocked the road outside Downing Street on Monday morning as they began a planned two-week shutdown of Westminster. Peaceful protesters are targeting 12 areas in central London in an attempt to force meaningful action to tackle the climate crisis. The Metropolitan police said that by 8am there had been 21 arrests, in […]

Global heating: London to have climate similar to Barcelona by 2050

Nearly 80% of cities to undergo dramatic and potentially disastrous changes, study finds London will have a similar climate in three decades’ time to that of Barcelona today, according to research – but if that seems enticing, a warning: the change could be accompanied by severe drought. Madrid will feel like present-day Marrakech by 2050, […]