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German Paper: “A Mild Additional Temperature Rise Of Around 1°K”… Drop Not Excluded By 2100!

In its most recent video, German site Die kalte Sonne here looks at a paper on CO2 climate forcing by Stefani 2021: Solar and Anthropogenic Influences on Climate: Regression Analysis and Tentative Predictions. The results point to only a moderately warming planet up to the year 2150. Figure 9d of Stefani 2021. Scenario with a […]

Germany January Mean Temperatures Falling Since 1988, Contradicting Claims Of Warming

According to the media and climate alarmists, winters like we used to have in the global cooling days of the a970s were supposed to be disappearing due to increasing warming from rising CO2. But that hasn’t really been happening. For example, Stefan Kämpfe at the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) plotted Germany’s mean […]

650 km Wintertime Trip With VW E-Car Took 13 Hours, 3 Recharges And Lots Of Warm Clothes

Consumers’ expectations for e-cars are still unrealistic…can’t hold a candle to conventional combustion engine vehicles. When it comes to performance parameters like fuel consumption, car manufacturers’ brochures often boast figures that in reality are only possible under really ideal conditions. But rarely are such conditions the case in real life. The result: disappointed consumers. The […]


The Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai volcano, southeast of Fiji, erupted in spectacular fashion, unleashing tsunamis, shock waves and sending a plume of ash and gas up to 20,000 meters into the atmosphere. It’s likely to be the largest eruption on the planet in 30 years.  The volcano sits on an uninhabited island about 65 kilometers […]

Spate Of High Performance Athletes Collapse With Heart Ailments…1200 Germans Seek Compensation

We’ve been hearing about it: dozens of high performance athletes collapsing on playing fields, some dying, after suffering heart problems. This is has led to concerns about mRNA vaccine safety and the spike proteins they render. Just recently there’s been a fresh spate of reports of athletes having suffered heart-related ailments and as a result […]

Lufthansa Has To Fly 18,000 Empty Flights Just To Keep Take-Off and Landing Rights! Huge Waste Of Energy

Blackout News here reports on how one European carrier has to waste an outrageous amount of energy – just to be able to keep its take-off and landing rights. Symbol photo: Source: Bobmil42 – own work, CC BY 3.0 According to Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr, Lufthansa has to operate 18,000 empty or almost empty flights […]

Paul Ehrlich Institute Data: Death Rate From COVID mRNA Vaccines 21 Times Higher Than All Other Vaccines!

German site Transparenztest.de has compared the figures for adverse events of COVID mRNA vaccines with other vaccines. The results are nothing less than frightening Citing the figures in the current safety report of Germany’s renowned Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) from December 23, 2021, Transparenztest.de found “frightening” results: “In the last eleven months, 4 times as […]

New Annual Temperature Data Show No Warming In Tokyo In 45 Years…Hachij?-jima Island No Warming In 71 Years!

There’s been no warming in Tokyo in decades! By Kirye and Pierre The December-2021 mean temperature data from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) for Tokyo and its Hachij?-jima island in the Pacific are in and so first we look the December trends side-by side: Data source: JMA Since 1985, the mean monthly temperature for December […]

Thanks To Readers For Donations: As Europe Enters a Long, Drawn-Out Winter With Potential Blackouts

THANK YOU to those who donated to NTZ over the past year. It’s very much appreciated. These donations are a big help when it comes to the hosting fees and troubleshooting costs. We hope you’ll continue to donate to the NTZ site to keep it going. Donate – choose an amount 5101520501002505001000 Every amount helps! […]

Greece Puts Coal Power Plants Shut Down in 2019 Back Into Operation…To Avert Winter Blackouts!

Greek green follies fail…a U-turn back to coal Until recently, Greece was one of the largest operators of lignite-fired power plants in Europe, but in 2019 the new government took on the goal of shutting down all coal-fired power plants by 2023 and going green by 2030. But that has turned out to be easier […]