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German Federal Constitutional Court Ruling On Climate Emergency Ignored Heated Scientific Dispute

On April 29th, Germany’s Constitutional Court ruled that the country’s 2019 Climate Protection Act is in part unconstitutional and the judges ordered the legislature to draw up clearer reduction targets for greenhouse gas emissions for the period after 2030, and to do so by the end of next year. Image: Bundesverfassungsgericht. The judges ruled that […]

Europe’s Frosty Spring: Germany Sees Coldest April in 40 Years… Frost Frequency Of “Unusual Dimension”

Germany’s April, 2021, was the coldest in 40 years, and the frostiest in over 90 years, according to the country’s DWD national weather service.  Solar panels covered by snow in northern Germany in early April. Photo by P. Gosselin When warmer than normal temperatures get recorded, the German DWD national weather service is usually quick […]

Debunked: New Computer Simulated Pine Island Glacier Doomsday Paper By Rosier et al Ignores Lots Of Science

A recent paper announcing Pine Island Glacier doom failed to consider other findings showing the glacier is in fact more stable than assumed.  A new paper by Rosier et al concludes – based on model simulations – that the Pine Island, West Antarctica, glacier may have already surpassed one of the three dangerous tipping points, […]

Fake Crisis: Experts Conclude In New Book “Today’s Climate Change Neither Dramatic Nor Unprecedented”

An objective look at the climate history throughout the Holocene shows that today’s warming is neither dramatic nor unprecedented.  Hat-tip: Die kalte Sonne Germans Dr. Klaus-Petr Dahm, Detlef Laves and Wolfgang Merbach have written a new book on today’s climate change: “Der heutige Klimawandel: Eine kritische Analyse des Modells von der menschlich verursachten globalen Erwärmung (Mitteilungen Agrarwissenschaften)” […]

March In Canada, Alaska and Greta Thunberg’s Sweden Has Seen No Warming In Decades!

By Kirye and Pierre Gosselin Global warming would mean winters are supposed to be getting shorter and spring arriving earlier. Therefore March should show a clear warming trend for the northern hemisphere. The latest March data are now available from the Japan Meteorology Agency (JMA) and today we will look at Sweden, Canada and Alaska. […]

Brutal 2020/21 Northern Hemisphere Winter One For Record Books…And Continues Into Late April!

This update was written in mid-April 2021 to report even more global cooling as measured by satellites and new harsh cold events, particularly in Western Europe that have severely harmed early crops. Harsh cold events have also struck China, Russia, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, North America and Australia. By Allan M.R. MacRae, April 21, […]

The Dawn Of The E-Vehicle Battery Environmental Disaster …Discarded Even Sooner Than Expected

When it comes to lithium-ion e-vehicles and the environmentalist greens and profiteers: They know it’s a disaster. We know it’s a disaster. They know that we know that they know it’s a disaster. But they still pretend it isn’t.* The huge environmental problems of e-cars are emerging Now it’s beginning to dawn on the greens: […]

Greenland And Iceland Mean Winter Temperatures Continue Cooling Since Start Of The Century

By Kirye and Pierre The February 2021 data for Iceland and Greenland are available from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), which means the latest meteorological DJF winter mean temperature can be computed. Icelandic winters have cooled since 2001 We plotted the JMA data for three stations (the ones with sufficient data) in Iceland. Result: no […]

Fake Hurricane News Exposed: Average Day Of First Hurricane Formation “Contrary To Media Reports”

Lazy, uncritical media again fail to adequately examine data to produce misleading “news” Tropical storm expert Dr. Ryan Maue analyzed data on whether or not climate change was leading the first named hurricane occurring to be earlier and earlier each year, thus meaning a longer hurricane season, as the media have recently claimed. Media falsehoods […]

Electric Cars Lose Attraction Among Germans…Results Of New Allensbach Survey “Astonishing”

Bad news for the acceptance of electric cars in Germany as new survey finds results “astonishing”.  German online weekly FOCUS reports according to several Allensbach surveys that although there is a strong interest in environmentally friendly mobility among people, they don’t view electric cars as being particularly practical, let alone green. Tesla e-car. Image: Vauxford – Own […]