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No Mention Of CO2: New Study Shows African Climate Variability Strongly Linked To Natural Cycles

Africa climate variability linked to natural oceanic and solar cycles, a new study affirms. No mention of CO2.  Image source: “Decadal and multidecadal natural variability of African rainfall“. A new study analyzes patterns of natural rainfall variability and can provide crucial assistance to African countries in seasonal rainfall forecasting for agriculture and protection against droughts […]

New Study: Drought In Western US Is 84% Driven By Internal Variability And 16% By Ocean Cooling

An assessment of the 1856-2012 drought frequency/intensity along the US West Coast leaves no role for human activity in hydroclimate. Across the globe, no clear precipitation trends have been observed in the last several decades (Nguyen et al., 2018) Image Source: Nguyen et al., 2018 Instead of an intensification of the hydrological cycle projected by […]

New Research Shows The Oceans Can ‘Spontaneously’ Warm 8°C In Under 100 Years ‘Without External Trigger’

Scientists are increasingly finding that abrupt, decadal-scale temperature changes of multiple degrees Celsius can arise unforced and spontaneously. The surface temperatures for the Greenland ice sheet have been known to warm 8 to 16°C “within decades or less” – yes,  fewer than 10 years – due to “unforced oscillations.” In other words, no external forcing […]

Scientists Just Discovered Their Past Carbon Budget Guesses Have All Along Been Twice As Wrong As They Thought

A new assumption about carbon budgets reveals climate scientists have been vastly underestimating (by a factor of 2) the amount of carbon absorbed by the ocean for decades. Every past carbon budget estimate has been twice as wrong as the current estimate. When it comes to the ocean heat fluxes and source vs. sink carbon […]

Policymakers Misled…New Nature Study “Casts Doubt On Forecasts Of Regional Climate Change”

A new paper reveals that climate models have failed to take important natural factors, such as the North Atlantic Oscillation, into account in their climate models on which leaders have been basing their policies.   A new paper in Nature says NAO not taken adequately into account by climate models. Image: see video (German) here. Paper […]

Large Increase In Number Of Sunshine Hours Likely Behind Warming, Glacier Retreat In Alps Since 1980

Günther Aigner released a German video with the title “Die Alpengletscher im Klimawandel: Status quo“ (The Alps glaciers in climate change: status quo). Hat-tip: Die kalte Sonne Today global warming alarmists insist blaming climate change on man-made CO2 emissions. Yet, everywhere we look it’s difficult to find any correlation between CO2 and warming. Pre-industrial history […]

Natural Variability: The Northern Hemisphere Cooled And Warmed By 1°C In Decades ~1500 Years Ago

It is claimed Earth’s surface has warmed by 1°C in the last 140 years – which is a supposedly rapid climate change. But a new study suggests the Northern Hemisphere surface naturally cooled by 1°C in 8 or 9 years, then warmed up again by 1°C within decades during the Late Antique Little Ice Age. […]

‘Most Of The Globe’ Could Experience ‘No Warming’ For 30 Years Due To Temperature-Driving Internal Variability

A new study documents the dominance of internal variability in decadal-scale global temperature changes and suggests we may experience a global cooling trend during the next 15 or even 30 years despite rising greenhouse gases. Maher et al. (2020) acknowledge that internal variability in global surface temperature variations is “a difficult concept to communicate” because […]

New Study: Sea Level Changes Since 1993 Are ‘Dominated’ And ‘Heavily Influenced’ By Internal Variability

From 1993 to 2018, the satellite altimetry sea level changes reveal both positive and negative accelerations, align with oscillatory patterns, and are dominated by internal variability (e.g., PDO, ENSO). The “forced acceleration pattern” assumed to be associated with anthropogenic global warming “has not emerged”. Image Source: Hamlington et al., 2020 Negative or negligible sea level […]

Europe’s Warm Winter Due To Natural Factors, Says Norwegian Center for Climate Research CICERO

By Die kalte Sonne The past winter in central and northern Europe was quite warm. Why is that? The Norwegian Centre for Climate Research CICERO explains it in an article from 6 January 2020: Unseasonal temperatures for Norway The unusual warm temperatures this winter and forecasts indicating milder winter conditions for January, February and March […]