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New Study: Absorbed Solar Radiation Increased From 1998-2017…Explaining Ocean Warming

The net climate forcing from albedo changes can account for the increase in ocean heat content in recent decades. Scientists (Goode et al., 2021) have determined Earth’s albedo declined from 1998-2017, driving a +0.5 W/m² net increase in absorbed solar radiation, a positive energy imbalance. Image Source: Goode et al., 2021 The authors report it […]

Europe’s Post-2000 (Mini) Droughts Far Less Severe, Prolonged Than Little Ice Age Megadroughts

A new study affirms Europe’s worst one-year droughts of the 21st century (2003, 2015, and 2018) have been far less severe than the 50+ consecutive years of “megadroughts” linked to the solar-minima-induced coldest decades of the 15th to 19th centuries. There is a clear link between cooler temperatures and aridity documented in the scientific literature […]

There Were 23 Global Warming Jolts Many Times Faster And Greater Than Modern During The Last Glacial

Dozens of rapid warming and cooling periods episodically occurred throughout the last glacial. However, they have often been dismissed as local-only events. A 2020 study published in Science robustly affirms steeper-than-today warming periods spanned both hemispheres and 23 of 25 were “globally synchronous.”  Geologists have long recognized that Greenland abruptly warmed up by 5 to […]

Paradigm-Busting New Study Affirms CO2 Doesn’t Drive Climate – Water, Clouds Do

A professor of hydrology from the University of Athens eviscerates the “naïve” paradigm that says the natural state of Earth’s climate is constancy and stability, only changing when an “external agent” (i.e., a rapid increase in fossil fuel emissions ) acts upon it. Instead, (a) water is the main element driving climate and (b) the […]

Scientists Again Affirm Natural Warmings Of 5–16?°C In ‘A Few Decades’ Can Be ‘Entirely Unforced’

A new study asserts that when Greenland naturally warms by multiple degrees per decade, this “abrupt climate variability can result entirely from unforced or noise-induced oscillations of the coupled atmosphere-ice-ocean system.” This means the recent modest climate changes for Greenland may easily fall within the scope of an unforced natural variability pattern. In the last […]

No Mention Of CO2: New Study Shows African Climate Variability Strongly Linked To Natural Cycles

Africa climate variability linked to natural oceanic and solar cycles, a new study affirms. No mention of CO2.  Image source: “Decadal and multidecadal natural variability of African rainfall“. A new study analyzes patterns of natural rainfall variability and can provide crucial assistance to African countries in seasonal rainfall forecasting for agriculture and protection against droughts […]

New Study: Drought In Western US Is 84% Driven By Internal Variability And 16% By Ocean Cooling

An assessment of the 1856-2012 drought frequency/intensity along the US West Coast leaves no role for human activity in hydroclimate. Across the globe, no clear precipitation trends have been observed in the last several decades (Nguyen et al., 2018) Image Source: Nguyen et al., 2018 Instead of an intensification of the hydrological cycle projected by […]

New Research Shows The Oceans Can ‘Spontaneously’ Warm 8°C In Under 100 Years ‘Without External Trigger’

Scientists are increasingly finding that abrupt, decadal-scale temperature changes of multiple degrees Celsius can arise unforced and spontaneously. The surface temperatures for the Greenland ice sheet have been known to warm 8 to 16°C “within decades or less” – yes,  fewer than 10 years – due to “unforced oscillations.” In other words, no external forcing […]

Scientists Just Discovered Their Past Carbon Budget Guesses Have All Along Been Twice As Wrong As They Thought

A new assumption about carbon budgets reveals climate scientists have been vastly underestimating (by a factor of 2) the amount of carbon absorbed by the ocean for decades. Every past carbon budget estimate has been twice as wrong as the current estimate. When it comes to the ocean heat fluxes and source vs. sink carbon […]

Policymakers Misled…New Nature Study “Casts Doubt On Forecasts Of Regional Climate Change”

A new paper reveals that climate models have failed to take important natural factors, such as the North Atlantic Oscillation, into account in their climate models on which leaders have been basing their policies.   A new paper in Nature says NAO not taken adequately into account by climate models. Image: see video (German) here. Paper […]