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Report: Biden has the power to prevent 1.6 billion metric tons of emissions annually

Hundreds of Indigenous protesters and environmental advocates descended on Washington, D.C. this week to demand that President Joe Biden use his executive authority to nix new fossil fuel projects and declare a climate emergency. Every day since Monday — Indigenous Peoples’ Day — they’ve marched, chanted, and engaged in civil disobedience outside the Capitol and […]

Queen calls on Scottish parliament to tackle climate change

Monarch urges MSPs to build ‘fairer and greener future’ as she opens parliament ahead of Cop26 The Queen has urged Scotland’s MSPs to tackle climate change and “help create a better, healthier future” in a speech ahead of the Cop26 climate conference. The Queen also reflected on the “deep and abiding affection” and happy memories […]

FEMA’s new flood insurance plan is drawing the battle lines over climate adaptation

On Friday the Federal Emergency Management Administration, or FEMA, will roll out sweeping changes to a government program that provides flood insurance to some three million American households. These changes will sharply raise the cost of flood insurance for many high-value homes in coastal states like Florida, sending dramatic new signals to current and potential […]

Study: The rich can spur climate action — or uphold the status quo

Rich people are known for flying around in private jets, sailing breezily in yachts, and owning three too many vacation homes. So it’s no surprise that the moneyed are responsible for much more than their share of carbon emissions. According to one measure, the world’s wealthiest 1 percent produce twice the emissions of the poorest […]

Meet the CEPP, the biggest federal climate policy you’ve never heard of

President Joe Biden ran on a platform that promised climate action on a scale never seen before in American politics. One of the supporting beams of that plan is something called a clean energy standard — a mandate for utilities to generate a certain amount of clean electricity by a set date. Biden’s proposed standard […]

Why many food experts don’t want a new international body for food science

Two years of discussions and negotiations culminated on Thursday and Friday, as stakeholders from around the world convened for the first-ever United Nations Food Systems Summit. The event had been branded as a “historic opportunity to empower all people to leverage the power of food systems,” both to drive the global recovery from COVID-19 and […]

Johnson defends trade secretary after climate crisis denial tweets

PM admits he used to be a climate sceptic and says Ann-Marie Trevelyan will do ‘outstanding’ job Meeting Cop26 finance goals ‘going to be tough’, says Boris Johnson Boris Johnson has acknowledged that he has altered his views about the climate crisis over recent years, saying, “the facts change and people change their minds”. As […]

Keir Starmer will address green new deal plans at conference, say team

Labour sources say climate crisis and green jobs will be key themes, amid concerns about leader’s commitment to policy Keir Starmer is committed to debating plans for a green new deal at Labour’s conference later this month, his team have insisted, despite the party having rejected a grassroots motion on the issue. Labour sources said […]

California wants to ban misleading recycling labels. Plastic companies don’t.

Confused about which products to toss into the recycling bin? You aren’t the only one. The ubiquitous recycling symbol is everywhere, even on packages that cannot be recycled at the vast majority of recycling facilities. Last week, California lawmakers took a step toward remedying that confusion. Senate Bill 343, which passed the state Assembly on […]

Illinois signs landmark clean energy law

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed one of the nation’s most ambitious state-level clean energy plans into law on Wednesday.  “??After years of debate and discussion, science has prevailed, and we are charting a new future that works to mitigate the impacts of climate change here in Illinois,” Pritzker said in a statement. The Climate and […]