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Climatologist Michael E Mann: ‘Good people fall victim to doomism. I do too sometimes’

The author and eminent climate scientist on the deniers’ new tactics and why positive change feels closer than it has done in 20 years Michael E Mann is one of the world’s most influential climate scientists. He rose to prominence in 1999 as the co-author of the “hockey-stick graph”, which showed the sharp rise in […]

Changes in Atlantic currents may have dire climate implications for the next century | Andrew Meijers

Without modifying human behavior we run the risk of violent weather swings and a drastic effect on crops and ocean life The ocean circulation that keeps our relatively northern corner of Europe warm(ish) is often likened to a gigantic conveyor belt bringing warm equatorial water northwards at the surface, balanced by cold southward flow at […]

Atlantic Ocean circulation at weakest in a millennium, say scientists

Decline in system underpinning Gulf Stream could lead to more extreme weather in Europe and higher sea levels on US east coast The Atlantic Ocean circulation that underpins the Gulf Stream, the weather system that brings warm and mild weather to Europe, is at its weakest in more than a millennium, and climate breakdown is […]

Heating Arctic may be to blame for snowstorms in Texas, scientists argue

The wintry weather that has battered the southern US and parts of Europe could be a counterintuitive effect of the climate crisis Associating climate change, normally connected with roasting heat, with an unusual winter storm that has crippled swaths of Texas and brought freezing temperatures across the southern US can seem counterintuitive. But scientists say […]

Royal Photographic Society science photographer of the year: winning images

The society has announced the winners of its 2021 science photographer of the year competition. An exhibition of the winning images is the headline attraction at the Manchester science festival, which is taking place digitally from 12 to 21 February. A climate change category was introduced to the competition to reflect the theme of this […]

How steel might finally kick its coal habit

how steel might finally kick its coal habit - How steel might finally kick its coal habit

Coal’s grip on the global electricity sector is loosening as more utilities and companies invest in renewable energy. But one major coal consumer — the steel industry — is finding it harder to kick its habit. Steel companies make nearly 2 billion tons of high-strength material every year for bridges, buildings, railways, and roads. The […]

The Doomsday Clock has been ticking for 70 years. It’s time to let it die.

the doomsday clock has been ticking for 70 years its time to let it die - The Doomsday Clock has been ticking for 70 years. It’s time to let it die.

Wondering how close the world is to total annihilation, existential doom, and the collapse of life as we know it? Scientists have a new estimate for you. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has been faithfully updating its signature “Doomsday Clock” since 1947. Every few years (or lately, every year), a group of scientists and security […]

Why is science so polarizing? Blame the way we talk about it.

why is science so polarizing blame the way we talk about it - Why is science so polarizing? Blame the way we talk about it.

“Listen to the science” isn’t just a bumper sticker anymore — it’s official White House policy. Flanked by a painting of Benjamin Franklin and a 332-gram sample of moon rock, Joe Biden spent his first day as president signing his name on a towering stack of science-forward executive orders: rejoining the Paris climate agreement, revoking […]

Climate crisis: world is at its hottest for at least 12,000 years – study

Scientists say temperatures globally at highest level since start of human civilisation The planet is hotter now than it has been for at least 12,000 years, a period spanning the entire development of human civilisation, according to research. Analysis of ocean surface temperatures shows human-driven climate change has put the world in “uncharted territory”, the […]

Report points to a new culprit behind the Great Lakes’ big, green, poop problem

report points to a new culprit behind the great lakes big green poop problem - Report points to a new culprit behind the Great Lakes’ big, green, poop problem

The Great Lakes are threatened by toxic, greenhouse-gas-emitting algae that thrive on phosphorus pollution. The muck suffocates fish and contaminates drinking water, posing a threat to the 1.3 million jobs that depend on proximity to Great Lakes shipping routes and beauty. Since the 1970s, farmers and cities have been cutting phosphorus pollution — in the […]