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Australia has been talking up its climate credentials – but do the claims stack up?

The government is under pressure to do more to tackle global heating but critics say the PM has instead employed ‘Trumpian misrepresentation’ Morrison refuses to budge on target as Biden pledges to halve US emissions US vows to cut its emissions by at least 50% by 2030 As Australia came under international pressure to lift […]

‘Delay is as dangerous as denial’: scientists urge Australia to reach net zero emissions faster

Heatwaves to double and many properties will be uninsurable if global heating reaches 3C, Australian Academy of Science says Global heating of 3C would more than double the number of annual heatwaves in some parts of Australia, leave properties uninsurable due to flood and fire risk, and make many of the country’s ecosystems “unrecognisable”, according […]

UK foreign secretary pushes Australia to ‘stretch’ climate commitments before global summit

Dominic Raab says he’s confident the Morrison government ‘will step up to the plate’ before Cop26 summit in Glasgow The British foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, has stressed he expects Australia to “stretch” climate commitments and set out a plan to meet them before a major summit later this year. The Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, […]

The biggest Coalition conspiracy theory is climate change denial | Greg Jericho

MPs’ unfounded claims about the US Capitol attack and Covid treatments pale next to the granddaddy of misinformation Nasa announced this week that 2020 – a year which included a La Niña event normally associated with lower temperatures – was the hottest year on record. It was also the week in which the Morrison government […]

Burning bush, melting Arctic, a deadly virus: nobody said the end times would be boring | John Birmingham

For one brief shining moment it seemed humanity’s inability to imagine much beyond our lived experience was irrelevant. Covid was coming for us all This is part of a series of essays by Australian writers responding to the challenges of 2020 The chicken shack was nearly an hour’s walk through Seoul in the subzero night, […]

With Covid comes the opportunity to shift the economy away from fossil fuel | Greg Jericho

And yet the Morrison government remains focused on a gas-led recovery, which is no recovery at all Whenever confronted with a tragedy in your life, one of the hardest aspects to deal with is that life goes on – work continues, other events occur, bills need to be paid, the world keeps on turning. It […]

Coalition supports Labor motion calling for Bettina Arndt to be stripped of OAM – politics live

The treasurer lowers expectations for the budget as the major parties grapple with climate policies. All the day’s events, live from Canberra 5.28am GMT Patricia Karvelas: When you refer to left-wing terrorism do you mean the Islamic groups? Yes, I do and anybody in between. I don’t care whether they’re neo-Nazis or they’re part of […]

Coalition ministers at odds over emissions target after Labor commits to net zero by 2050

Mathias Cormann says Coalition will ‘finalise longer-term target in time for Cop26’ but Angus Taylor commits only to ‘long-term strategy’ Senior Morrison government ministers are publicly at odds about whether Australia will take a long-term emissions reduction target to global climate talks in November after Labor unveiled a target of net zero emissions by 2050. […]

This is the age of the megafire – and it’s being fuelled by our leaders | Tim Flannery

In the face of the climate disaster it helped create, the Australian government has given us only lies and denial Unprecedented wildfires have recently devastated California, the Amazon, southern Europe, Siberia and Australia. It’s safe to say that we’ve entered the era of the climate-fuelled megafire. But because fire conditions depend on local vegetation, topography […]

Behind the smokescreen, the Coalition’s stance on climate change hasn’t changed at all

If Scotty from Marketing and his coal-fired peers really believed in the climate crisis, they’d be doing something about it The speed with which the conservative side of politics and the media has gone from assuring us climate change was not a problem, so we don’t need to worry about reducing emissions, to asserting that […]