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New Study: Pacific And Indian Ocean Sea Levels Rising ‘Much Slower Than Climate Model Predictions’

Over 700 low-lying islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans have coasts that have been stable to expanding in size since the 1980s. The  relative sea level rise has only been +0.46 mm/year in these regions with “almost trivial acceleration of +0.0091 mm/year²”. The claim that sea levels are rising so fast that low-lying islands […]

A Wee Problem With The First-Ever Mammal Extinction From Modern Climate Change Claim

Claims that rising sea levels led to a remote island species’ demise is contradicted by evidence that sea levels were meters higher than today a few thousand years ago. In 2019 Australia’s government announced that climate change – rising seas, specifically – had claimed its first-ever mammalian victim: a rat. Photo: State of Queensland, CC BY […]

Sea Level Alarmism Unravels As Earth’s Coastlines Are Observed Expanding Since 1984

Despite sea level rise, 1984-2019 satellite data show coastlines have been globally expanding by a net +0.26 m/year.  A new study affirms what satellite data have been telling us for years: “the global coastline is prograding” (Mao et al., 2021). Image Source: Mao et al., 2021 Growing islands, beaches, coasts “all over the world” This […]

Alaska Glacier Melt And Sea Level “Rise” Add Further Embarrassment To Climate Alarmism

Regular NoTricksZone contributor Kenneth Richard tweeted about an inconvenient 2013 Live Science showing that the Medieval Warm Period was as warm or even warmer than today in the area of Juneau, Alaska. Recall how in 1990 the first IPCC report featured a temperature chart (right) of the last 1000 years, which inconveniently showed the Medieval […]

New High Resolution Climate Simulation Projects Antarctic Ice To Remain Stable Rest Of The Century

Now we know why prominent activists, like Barack Obama, purchased expensive seaside homes even after warning the seas are “rising rapidly”. It turns out they really aren’t, a new University of Utrecht study shows. And like many climate alarmists, Potsdam Institute climate researcher Stefan Rahmstorf predicted the oceans could very well rise by an alarming […]

New Study Finds Clams Are Worse Off In Today’s Colder Waters And Lower Sea Levels

Clams’ feeding activity, calcification rates, and overall shell density have declined in concert with decreasing sea surface temperatures and the long-term falling sea level trend since the Holocene peak about 6000 years ago. A team of scientists (Cheli et al., 2021) have suggested Earth’s surface temperatures were “up to 4°C” warmer during the Holocene Climate […]