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In an East Coast first, New Jersey will phase out diesel trucks

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection earlier this week adopted a rule to phase out diesel-powered trucks – meaning anything bigger than a delivery van – starting in 2025. Based on California’s Advanced Clean Trucks rule, or ACT, New Jersey’s policy will require between 40 to 75 percent of new truck sales in the […]

EPA cuts through the smog with the strongest-ever clean car standards

The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, finalized new greenhouse gas emissions standards for cars and trucks produced through model year 2026 on Monday, a move that will cut carbon emissions and air pollution and lay some of the groundwork for a transition to electric vehicles. The new standards arrive on the heels of West Virginia […]

Think apartment-hunting is frustrating? Try doing it with an electric car.

When Bradley Wilkinson and his husband were planning their move from Fayetteville, North Carolina, to a small Army base outside Colorado Springs, they were already worried about where they would charge their electric car.  Wilkinson, a 31-year-old who works in customer care at T-Mobile, had bought a used Nissan Leaf several years earlier, and although […]

A freeway ripped the heart out of Black life in Detroit. Now Michigan wants to tear it down.

This story is published in collaboration with BridgeDetroit. In 1945 in Detroit, Michigan, a man who is believed to be the first African-American independent record producer opened up a blues and gospel record store called Joe’s Record Shop. The store was lined with vinyl records and music posters, with a big, upright piano in the back. […]

At COP26, Pete Buttigieg makes a pitch to decarbonize American transport

The biggest source of emissions in the United States isn’t the fires of industry, or methane-belching cows, or even the country’s remaining 252 coal power plants. It’s the cars, planes, ships, and trains that, in moving Americans and their stuff from coast to coast, emit a whopping 1.9 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide every […]

Hertz just made the biggest electric vehicle purchase ever

The U.S.’s second-largest car rental company is betting big on a greener fleet. Hertz announced Monday that it had placed an order for 100,000 Teslas as a first step toward electrifying its fleet of rental cars. The move represents the largest single purchase of electric vehicles ever, and comes just months after Hertz emerged from […]

One tiny chip is choking up America’s largest automotive factories

They may be smaller than the size of a matchbox, but a global shortage of semiconductor chips — the electric circuits that are essential for vehicle manufacturing — has brought the automotive industry in the United States to a halt. Last week, General Motors announced it would shut down production at nearly all of its […]

‘Big Three’ automakers join Biden in electric car promises

“The future of the auto industry is electric,” President Joe Biden said in a voiceover to a video posted on Twitter Wednesday night. “There’s no turning back.” Automakers seem to agree with him. On Thursday, the “Big Three” American carmakers — Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler (now part of the Dutch auto giant Stellantis) — […]

What’s the true cost of shipping all your junk across the ocean?

Take a look around your home and you’ll likely find plenty of goods that traveled by cargo ship to your doorstep. A set of IKEA plates made in China. A dresser full of pandemic-era loungewear, ordered on Target and made in Guatemala, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. Tracing the impact on the environment from shipping any […]

The US wants to make EV batteries without these foreign metals. Should it?

The electric vehicle or EV revolution owes its existence to lithium batteries, and those batteries have a cocktail of specialized minerals to thank for their high performance. In most cases, that cocktail’s ingredient list includes cobalt and nickel, minerals that help deliver the long lifespan and range that consumers increasingly demand of EVs.  But with […]