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Changes in Atlantic currents may have dire climate implications for the next century | Andrew Meijers

Without modifying human behavior we run the risk of violent weather swings and a drastic effect on crops and ocean life The ocean circulation that keeps our relatively northern corner of Europe warm(ish) is often likened to a gigantic conveyor belt bringing warm equatorial water northwards at the surface, balanced by cold southward flow at […]

UK councils still invest in fossil fuels despite declaring climate emergency

Nearly £10bn worth of investments including in oil and gas made via pension funds in last financial year Local councils that have declared a climate emergency are continuing to pour money into fossil fuels through their staff pension funds, analysis has shown. Nearly £10bn worth of investments in fossil fuels, including oil and gas companies […]

Keep funding green homes to meet emissions target, say businesses

CBI, Energy UK and others tell chancellor cutting scheme will risk target of net zero emissions by 2050 Business groups are urging the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, to keep funding home insulation and other low-carbon measures under the green homes grant, which is under threat from cuts. They warned that moves to reduce the amount of […]

‘Absolutely ridiculous’: top scientist slams UK government over coalmine

Exclusive: Prof Sir Robert Watson says backing of Cumbrian mine refutes claims of climate leadership One of the UK’s most eminent environmental scientists has called the government’s failure to block a new coalmine in Cumbria “absolutely ridiculous”. Prof Sir Robert Watson said the UK’s commitment to net zero emissions by 2050 to tackle the climate […]

First UK homes with hydrogen boilers and hobs to be built by April

Government says two properties in Gateshead will offer public a glimpse of the ‘potential home of the future’ The UK’s first homes to be fitted with boilers and hobs that run on hydrogen rather than fossil fuel gas will be built in Gateshead by April. The semi-detached houses in the north-east will use 100% hydrogen […]

Climate action could save ‘millions of lives’ through clean air, diet and exercise

Meeting Paris goals would bring health benefits aside from tackling global heating, research says Thousands of lives lost to air pollution, inactivity and unhealthy diets could be saved each year if the UK takes the action needed to tackle climate change, researchers have said. Across the world, millions of lives could be saved if countries […]

BA plans transatlantic flights partially fuelled by recycled waste in 2022

British Airways to invest in new US plant producing sustainable aviation fuel British Airways says it will operate transatlantic flights partially powered by sustainable fuels as early as next year. BA will invest in a new US plant to be built in Georgia by LanzaJet producing commercial-scale volumes of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), made from […]

Britons set for a post-Covid spending binge, says Bank chief

Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey says economy should make a strong recovery from the pandemic The Bank of England is braced for the possibility that a mood of national depression that engulfed Britain as it plunged into a third national lockdown will end with a spending spree when restrictions are lifted. In an interview […]

Economics of biodiversity review: what are the recommendations?

Landmark report says GDP should be ditched as measure of wealth and nature valued to protect wildlife and humans “Our economies, livelihoods and wellbeing all depend on our most precious asset: nature. We are part of nature, not separate from it.” These are the opening lines of a newly published landmark review of the economics […]

Controversy over new UK regulation to protect peatland

Rules will prevent some burning and could help Britain reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 Regulations are to be brought in to prevent the burning of heather and other vegetation in a move to better protect peatlands. The protection for blanket bog habitats has been welcomed as vital for globally important land, but criticised […]