British Medical Journal: “The End Of The Pandemic Won’t Be Televised”. It’ll End When Media Lose Interest

The British Medical Journal has an article by David Robertson and Peter Doshi, who write: ” The end of the pandemic won’t be televised.

british medical journal the end of the pandemic wont be televised itll end when media lose interest

Image: BMJ, Figure 1

Historically, pandemics run their course over two to three years before they fizzle out into some regular bug.. If  the early information surrounding Omicron is an indication, COVID 19 will end up the same way – and would do so with or without all the costly measures and “vaccines”.

German Professor Stefan Homburg summarized the main points at Twitter:

  1. The Corona virus distinguishes itself from previous pandemic on one central point: Through dashboards, it is dominated by figures and charts that appear constantly on television and Mobile devices.”

  2. There’s no general definition for the end of a pandemic, as a respiratory virus — once it becomes endemic — will return again and again in waves. The cases will never fall to zero over an extended period of time.”

  3. Strong influenza pandemics, such as the Spanish flu (1918), Asian flu (1957) and Hong Kong flu (1968) did not lead to any measures that are comparable to those of Corona.”

  4. Pandemic ends when policymakers and the media deem them to be no longer worth mentioning.”

  5. For Corona, the best was out is likely to turn off the dashboards that fire up your attention.”

  6. Unlike the start, the end of the pandemic won’t appear on television.”

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