Climate Insanity: German Greens, Conservatives Push For 100s Of Wind Turbines In Black Forest!

From the Black Forest to the Blighted Forest…a turbine every 1400 meters…

The German state of Baden-Württemberg plans to build 1000 wind turbines – many of which would end up blighting the once idyllic Black Forest.

climate insanity german greens conservatives push for 100s of wind turbines in black forest

Climate insanity: Bleak future for Baden-Württemberg’s forests as plans are made to chop through them to make way for 1000 wind turbines. Photo: P. Gosselin

The German state of Baden-Württemberg recently held state elections and the winners, again The Greens, are in coalition talks with the conservatives (CDU).

Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt here reports how The Greens and CDU have since firmly agreed on the first big loser – the forests of Baden-Württemberg – as they agree to build 1000 new wind turbines in the state. Many of them will end up in the Black Forest.

Relaxing nature protection laws to clear the way

In November 2020, AGORA Energiewende, the think tank that advises the German government, called for the ban on killing protected species to be relaxed in the nature conservation law so that the spread of wind turbines in nature-sensitive areas can make better progress.

Imported electricity will be needed

But even 1000 wind turbines would not provide a secure power supply and the forthcoming elimination of nuclear power plants such as Philippsburg 2 (which accounts for 13% of the electricity supply) can only be compensated for by importing more electricity from abroad, including the world’s oldest nuclear power plant, the Beznau nuclear power plant, located in neighboring Switzerland. Strange how Baden-Württemberg demonizes nuclear power, but is happy to take electricity from old foreign nuclear power plants.

The dark green areas of the chart below designate where the 1000 turbines will be allowed. The Black Forest, lower left, offers the greatest potential area.


climate insanity german greens conservatives push for 100s of wind turbines in black forest

Chart source : ForstBW

According to Vahrenholt, 1000 turbines would mean having to space them “at a distance of 1.4 km from each other, with the corresponding access roads cutting through the forest.”

What communism failed to destroy in the 20th century, will be finished off by The Greens in the first half of this century.

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