Flooding could occur daily in Sydney by the end of this century because of climate change

Human-caused sea level rise likely caused eight out of 10 floods in the region between 1970 and 2015, a study finds

Flooding in localised areas around Sydney will happen almost every week by the middle of this century because of human-caused sea level rise, according to a study by scientists at the Bureau of Meteorology.

The frequency of flooding around parks, gardens and footpaths had already gone up from less than two days per year in 1914 to a present day rate of about eight days per year, the study found.

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High tide now at Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens .. “Never seen it this high” says one gardener. A taste of things to come. pic.twitter.com/h7ICq6h2Qx

You may have seen last night’s Supermoon, but did you know that this can cause a #kingtide? The higher than normal water levels have caused some flooding near Fleet Steps today, so please be careful if you’re in this area today until flooding subsides. #RBGSydney pic.twitter.com/WtoV1ds5AN

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