Folly: Germany Plans To Convert Coal Power Plant To Burn 100-Year Old Trees In Minutes!

German Coal Power Plants To Be Converted: To Burn Trees

folly germany plans to convert coal power plant to burn 100 year old trees in minutes
Millions of trees to be shipped from around the world to Europe to be burned as “green coal”. Image cropped from “Planet of the Humans”

By Die kalte Sonne
(Translated/edited by P. Gosselin)

On May 2, 2020, we reported on the movie Burned. In the USA, the focus is on biomass.

However, they do not ferment fast-growing plants into gas as is the case in Europe, rather they cut down trees and burn them in power plants – often together with other things like car tires or soaked railway ties.

The issue is controversial because it is about pure ideology. Climate organisations such as, which in the USA is like Fridays For Future (FFF) in Europe, have given their blessing to this type of power generation.

The film Planet of the Humans by Michael Moore also denounces this.

Converting CO2 sinks instantly into atmospheric CO2

And so the USA is losing valuable carbon sinks and biotopes, destroying its environment and lying to itself about sustainability and the climate. A tree that takes 50 – 100 years to become big and stately, but then is burned up in a few minutes, can never have a favorable climate balance, no matter how you calculate it. Trees are the new coal, it seems.

But anyone who thinks that this is only done in the USA, where huge forests and thus carbon sinks are destroyed, is mistaken.

“Madness”: German coal plant to be converted to burn trees

The online daily Weserkurier reports on a coal-fired power station in Wilhelmshaven (North Germany) that is to be converted to burn wood. This made Germany’s most famous forester, Peter Wohlleben (book “The Secret Life of Trees“) flash with anger on Twitter.


Wohlleben’s tweet in English:

The madness continues: although hundreds of scientists are warning against burning wood as a climate killer, politics and industry in Germany are backing forest destruction and want to convert coal-fired power plants.”

What Wohlleben means by madness could be the statements of Social Democrat Party member of parliament Siemtje Möller. Her slogan on her own website: “Think about the climate too!”

“Green coal”

Siemtje Möller is already thinking ahead. After all, the Wilhelmshaven site could eventually also produce hydrogen with the green coal. The stimulus for the technology, worth billions of euros, which has just been ratified, should also come to Wilhelmshaven.

“I’d like a fair share here,” says the Siemtje Möller about the budget. In general, she sees the hydrogen initiative, the coal phase-out law and the structural transformation law as “a huge opportunity for the Northwest to enter the future”.

She calls trees “green coal” in all seriousness and then wants to use the energy from burnt trees to produce hydrogen. Does the federal hydrogen initiative mean something like that? Probably not. Destroying carbon sinks cannot possibly be a huge opportunity for the future.

Why does Ms. Möller take her own slogan so little seriously?

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