German ARD Television Cabaret Artist Says Warmer Planet Better…”167,000 Fewer Cold Deaths”

By Die kalte Sonne

Shortly before Christmas, cabaret artist Dieter Nuhr regularly appears on ARD German public television and looks back on the year. This was also the case for 2021 and, in addition to the topic of Corona, the climate was once again on the agenda:

german ard television cabaret artist says warmer planet better167000 fewer cold deaths

(Image: Screenshot ARD German public television Mediathek)

We have a transcript of the program here, or parts of it, because it will disappear from the ARD media library in 6 months. This is also to record how Mr. Nuhr saw the year 2021. Nuhr has become a hate figure by certain circles since his criticism of Fridays For Future and also of Greta Thunberg. There are regular calls circulating through social media demanding his broadcaster cancel the show.

We are already very high up on the cancel culture scale. Here are excerpts from Nuhr’s view of the climate issue:

But the biggest surprise (in the Bundestag election) was the generation of first-time voters. Among the supposed Friday-For-Future generation, only one in four voted Green, on a par with the FDP Freed Democrats, which even had more votes. This must not be so bad for the climate issue, because all parties have set themselves the task of saving the climate. Unfortunately in vain, but I’m serious, because I think it would be great if we could stop climate change. Unfortunately – that can’t be done from Germany, too bad, because what many people don’t know is that you can’t achieve world domination in the Bundestag elections. That was a surprising realization for many. It would be nice, but…unfortunately, unfortunately, even if we turned our country into a swamp biotope and replaced the population with frogs, what could happen next year, we don’t know yet. Even then, I wouldn’t see measurable climate cooling.”

I would have liked to hear in the election campaign what the parties want to do not to prevent climate change, but to live with it. Because that will be the dominant issue of the next decades. We will not prevent the terrible catastrophes – like the one in Ahrweiler in July – with heat pumps or electric cars, but we will make them manageable with sewage systems and flood plains that can cope with heavy rainfall.”

Since the climate summit in Glasgow, it has become absolutely clear that we will miss the 1.5 degree target. Those who were smart knew it beforehand. The heads of state of Russia and China didn’t even show up, because, of course, they couldn’t meet the deadline. Xi Jinping had to do a color wash. Vladimir Putin still had to return deposit bottles – that couldn’t be postponed. My hope was the American president, he had a super idea, he said: “May God save the planet” and then he fell asleep. Well, someone has to do it, I’m afraid that relying on God already went wrong with the plague.

By the way, 5 million people die every year because of the weather. 1/10 of all deaths can be attributed to extreme temperatures. 90%, by the way, because it’s too cold. I found that interesting once. There are already an additional 116,000 heat deaths every year, no joke, but also 283,000 fewer deaths due to cold – making a total of 167,000 undead. There are 4.5 times as many people dying from cold as from heat in this world and the Barcelona Institute of Global Health says that the data suggests that the total number of deaths will decrease in the coming years. That is good news.

The original German broadcast can be seen until June 22, 2022, at the ARD media library.

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