German Site Compiles List Of 75 Young Athletes Unexpectedly Suffering Cardiac Arrest Since June

Invasion of the Body Vaxxers? Young athletes mysteriously collapsing from cardiac arrest, many even dying. 

On June 12, 2021, Danish soccer player Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch with cardiac arrest during a European Championship match. Luckily he could be revived.

However; he will need a pacemaker for the rest of his life. Today it still remains unclear whether Eriksen had been fully vaccinated prior to the match or not.

EKG and human heart illustration

Image: US Food and Drug Administration (public domain). 

It’s generally accepted that sudden cardiac death rarely occurs in sports. Wikipedia even has lists of footballers going back to 1889 who died during matches. The worst years perhaps saw half a dozen falling victim.

In light of the Corona pandemic and the introduction of new vaccines, German news site Report24 here asks: Are more people really dying “suddenly and unexpectedly” in sports and “is it due to vaccination, as many critical minds suspect”?

Report 24 did some some digging and has compiled a list of known cases since June, 2021, which have involved serious heart injury or even death. Report 24 found 75 cases, with the youngest on the list being only 13 years old and “many involve people under 20”.

Report 24 asks: “Why are the authorities not interested in this, why are excuses always found instead of rigorous investigations, accurate autopsies?”

“List of horrors”

At the end of their article, Report 24 presents its “list of horrors – starting with June 2021 – when the vaccination campaigns were in full swing and everyone who blindly trusted the system had already had their second shot.”

The list includes 19-year old Dutch handball player Whitnée Abriska, 25-year old Belgian soccer player Jente Van Genechten and 17-year old English soccer player Dylan Rich who died of a double heart attck during the match.

Report 24 does not claim all these people became ill and died because of vaccination, but that the heap of occurrences needs to be more closely scrutinized.

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